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  • Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

    So I thought that with the Season 4 Grand Finale coming up I might spill my thoughts about it on here. So... here I go.

    What we currently know about the villan:

    • It is an escaped creature from Tartarus
    • This villain is strong enough to overpower Discord.

    It is rather obvious that the villain is not a pony, because it's banished to Tartarus where evil creatures go. Or maybe this villain is a hybrid? Like part pony of something? That would be cool, since the only known hybrid is Flutterbat.

    It's definitely not Sombra, and I doubt it will be Chrysalis, even though when she got thrown away she was most likely captured and thrown into the gates of Tartarus.

    Here I have high hopes for the End-Of-Season-4-Villain, as long as s/he's developed well and doe…

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