So I thought that with the Season 4 Grand Finale coming up I might spill my thoughts about it on here. So... here I go.

The Major Villain

What we currently know about the villan:

  • It is an escaped creature from Tartarus
  • This villain is strong enough to overpower Discord.

It is rather obvious that the villain is not a pony, because it's banished to Tartarus where evil creatures go. Or maybe this villain is a hybrid? Like part pony of something? That would be cool, since the only known hybrid is Flutterbat.

It's definitely not Sombra, and I doubt it will be Chrysalis, even though when she got thrown away she was most likely captured and thrown into the gates of Tartarus.

Here I have high hopes for the End-Of-Season-4-Villain, as long as s/he's developed well and doesn't mess up the story too much, and I would like it to have existed when the mane six were alive, so they can make references to episodes that aren't very popular like Putting Your Hoof Down and The Show Stoppers.

Opening The Chest

The chest is going to be opened! When the premiere of S4 first came out, we were tricked into thinking the keys to fit in the chest were actual, real keys. But, after Rarity Takes Manehatten, the same shade of rainbow seen in that scene of the Season 4 opener was seen in Rarity's eyes and her rainbow thread, and then so on in Rainbow Falls, Pinkie Pride, It Isn't Easy To Be Breezies, and Leap of Faith.

It is most likely that Twilight will get her key in the finale, but what will it be? The journal of the Royal Two Sisters?

Maybe the mane six will be asked to bring objects they received in good meanings of their element, so Rarity will bring her rainbow thread because she got it in an act of generousity, Rainbow's medal because of the loyalty, Flutter's flower of kindness, Pinkie's Boneless chicken of Laughter, and AJ's coin of Honesty.

And maybe those objects will be transfurred into keys or somehow magically slipped into the chest?

And what's inside the chest? Rainbow Power. I will get on to that in the next section.

Rainbow Power

Everybrony knows by now that Rainbow Power will be inside the chest. That would be cool, and maybe the mane six turn to their rainbow forms and they use the Elements and Rainbow Power to defeat the villain?

What if the Rainbowfied effect was permanent? I wouldn't approve of that in my honest opinion, I only want it to be temporary, I think the Mane Six already naturally look beautiful the way they are.

I think the Rainbow stuff should be temporary, so they only transform into Rainbow ponies when the call has come for them to defeat a new villain?

Maybe the RP will have something to do with the Equestria Girls sequel, Rainbow Rocks.

Or maybe RP won't even appear at all! Hmm, we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

That's my opinion of the S4 finale, now I want to know your opinion, who do you think the star villain will be? What is your theory on the keys and chest? Do you think the ponies will get Rainbowfied? What are your thoughts on the S4 finale? Stay tuned! :)