• Fluttershyforever18

    So you know how in Someoony to watch over me when Applebloom was about to sing but Scoots cut her off? We'll I wrote a song based off of that. Tell ,e what you think!

    Someone watchin' over me (Don't need) Performed by: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Written by: Fluttershyforever18

    Music by: Fluttershyforever18

    We're gonna make my sister see I don't need her watchin' over me Every minute Every hour of the day

    I need to live my life Learn to do things my own way So I'm gonna

    Make my sister see She doesn't need to baby me I'm not a tiny, helpless filly No! Oh, make my sister see She doesn't need to always be watchin' me Don't need no pony, don't need Someone watchin' over me

    Sure in the past I needed somebody by my side To guide me, to keep me Safe and …

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