First there's Lilly and Paw. Lilly is a giraffe that knows Kungfu. She's a short giraffe thats 8 years old. Lilly is also bff's with Paw. Paw is a Unicat. Unicats are cats with horns and wings. She's the color blue because she has ice powers. She's 5 years old. When Paw gets angry and roars she'll freeze the thing thats she angry at.

Next is Lucy and Strike. Lucy and Strike are both griffins. Lucy is a black griffin and Strike is a dark purple griffin.

Their sisters. Strike is the younger sister. She has lightning powers. Strike is annoyed by her sister all the time!

Lucy is the older sister. She's really annoying and hyper. Lucy has powers like Discord. She loves to make it snow donuts. One time she made it snow giant donuts in a place called Pony Town. The place was destroyed and they had to rebuild it. So Strike and Lucy walked away like nothing happened.

Thats all the none pony characters that I've made.