The first pony I made was Sparkle. Sparkle has fire and plant powers. She lives with a other pony I made up, Silver Moon. Silver Moon saved her as a baby when Sparkle's mother wanted to kill her. Silver Moon and Sparkle live in the wild so her mother couldn't find her. Sparkle's mother wants to kill her because she's a pony. Sparkle's mother is half dragon and queen of dragons. Sparkle burns her house accidently and feels horrible about it so she runs away. Sparkle doesn't know how to control her fire powers. When she sees pony vill being destroyed by her mother. Sparkle learns how to control her powers and uses them to defeat her mother. Later on Sparkle meets 3 other ponies. Princess Moon Star (she's a alien) Technic Hoof (she's a robot) and Dark Blast (she's a witch.) Moon Star is a alicorn Technic Hoof is a earth pony robot and Dark Blast is a unicorn. They all teamed up. And saved Equestria every time it was in danger. After Sparkle defeats her sister Dragon tail. (She's half dragon) Sparkle gets rewarded with bigger wings by her aunt which is fully pony. And is NOT evil. After that Sparkle gets a Element Of Harmony, Bravery. One day Princess Celestia becomes evil and Twilight Sparkle and her friends try to save the day. Princess Celestia is to strong for the elements. And the element's power bounces off Celestia. Luna tells them that their missing a element. They go to Sparkle and the 3. And even the 3 help. Sparkle's friends battle Celestia so the 6 and Sparkle have time to find the element of bravery. They have to sneak behind a dragon to get the element. After they grab the element they return to pony vill and defeat Celestia turning her back good. And thats all the stories with my made up ponies and don't worry I'll make more.