A pony named Sparkle was walking with her friends, Moon Star, Dark Blast and Technic Hooves. Suddenly, Sparkle's eyes glew red. Her hair turned into flames. Then she started attacking her friends. Sparkle turned normal again. She saw the damage that she did. She felt even more horrible when she burned her house.

She ran deeper and deeper in the forest. At some point she had ran right out of Equestria. Sparkle sat down next to a small lake with only frogs and fish. The tree's blew in the wind. She looked down at her shadow. "Your back." said Sparkle. Her shadow began to speak. "I'll always be here Sparkle." said her shadow. "You controled me...

But not for long!" Her shadow stopped talking. Fear grew in Sparkle's eyes. Suddenly, Her eyes glew red and her hair turned into flames. She ran back into Equestria. She had returned to ponyvill. Lava trailed in her path.

"Fire Sparkle's back!" said Sparkle. She laughed evily. Sparkle pounded the ground and lava came out.

Sparkle started to control herself. And she turned normal. Suddenly, Fire Sparkle appeared. "If you want something done..." said Fire Sparkle. "You gotta do it yourself!" Sparkle and Fire Sparkle started attacking each other. "Face it I'm your fire side you can't use your fire!" said Fire Sparkle. "Plant can't possibly defeat fire. "Maybe you should fight more then you talk." said Sparkle. Sparkle blasted a beam at Fire Sparkle when she was disracted. Fire Sparkle turned back into Sparkle's shadow. "No! No! You can't do this to me!" Yelled her shadow. Sparkle's shadow turned normal again. Sparkle smiled and everyone cheered. Now Sparkle's fire side was defeated. And Sparkle got to keep her fire powers.