So I've heard some rumors going around that season 7 has something to do with Equestrian history. I have my doubts about how true that is, but it gives me the excuse for this, so why not. Let's test your knowledge on the history of the land of Equestria. Remember, this is an official material only quiz, so no headcanon answers will be accepted. Don't cheat by looking at other comments please. Without further ado, answer these questions and put your answers in the comments.

1. How was the Crystal Empire created?

  • A. Princess Platinum was so fascinated by the crystals and jewels in Equestria that she built a whole empire out of them.
  • B. Princess Amore performed a feat of magic with the Crystal Heart, earned her cutie mark, and was crowned ruler of the newly formed Empire.
  • C. The Fire of Friendship eventually reached the Frozen North and melted an area of the snow, where travelers built the Empire.
  • D. Unknown.

2. What was Smart Cookie's job?

  • A. Secretary to Chancellor Puddinghead
  • B. Earth pony representative
  • C. Founder of Equestria
  • D. All of the above

3. Where was Celestia and Luna's first castle?

  • A. Canterlot
  • B. Crystal Empire
  • C. Everfree Forest
  • D. Ponyville

4. Who coined the first Wonderbolt slogan? (BONUS: What was the first slogan?)

  • A. Commander Hurricane
  • B. General Firefly
  • C. Admiral Fairy Flight
  • D. General Flash

5. Who was the last known griffon king?

  • A. Guto
  • B. Grover
  • C. Gregor
  • D. Gruff

6. What does each of the three pony tribes provide for each other before the blizzard shatters their "peace"?

  • A. Money (unicorns), protection (pegasi), and transportation (earth).
  • B. Education (unicorns), physical training (pegasi), and machinery (earth).
  • C. Day and night cycle (unicorns), weather (pegasi), and food (earth).
  • D. Nothing; they were all completely isolated.

7. Who sewed the first Equestrian flag?

  • A. Flair d'Mare
  • B. Princess Celestia
  • C. Star Swirl the Bearded
  • D. Nimble Thimble

8. What do the Earth ponies want to call the new land once they arrive?

  • A. Dirtville
  • B. Gaea
  • C. Earth
  • D. Equestria

9. Why did the unicorns pass their responsibility of the day and night cycle over to the two sisters?

  • A. Unicorn magic is weakened by raising and lowering the sun and moon while the two sisters were strengthened by it.
  • B. They felt that this important responsibility should go to rulers and not a bunch of citizens.
  • C. It was part of a magic lesson from Star Swirl and the sisters liked it so much they wanted to continue.
  • D. Unicorn magic was getting infected by some strange source, and the day and night cycle became out of control.

10. How many spells has Star Swirl the Bearded written?

  • A. Over a thousand
  • B. Ten
  • C. Over two hundred
  • D. Unknown