I got bored and decided to make this. The songs have always been a part of MLP that I really liked. Here is a list of my favorite song for each of the Mane 6.

Twilight Sparkle: A tie between BBBFF and The Failure Song. I love both of these because they definitely have emotion, but they're so relatable at the same time. This, combined with Twilight's great singing voice, makes them my favorites. Truly beautiful, and I enjoy randomly singing them sometimes.

Fluttershy: ...I don't know. She rarely gets any musical numbers to herself. I guess Music In the Treetops wins by  default. I hope she gets more songs in the future.

Rainbow Dash: Oh, this is easy! I'll Fly. Not only does it have a nice beat and an awesome voice performing it, but it's just so emotional, which is usually the kind of song I like. Also, it's almost always nice to see Rainbow Dash get all emotional like this. For me, if a character rarely "goes soft", that makes the times when they do even more heartwarming.

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie's Lament. Who knew cheerful, bubbly Pinkie Pie would sing a song this powerful? I mean really, "show them that time of their life like they've never known"? That part was amazing. Another thing I like about this is how Pinkie bounces back from her sadness without any direct help from her friends. This is definitely a better Pinkie than the one we had in the fist season, and this song does a great job of illustrating that.

Rarity: Rules of Rarity. I love all of Rarity's songs; I just like this one the best. Why? Art of the Dress shows Rarity's love for fashion and creativity. Becoming Popular shows her interest in high society and impressing ponies. Generosity shows her... generosity. What does Rules of Rarity show? All of them, resulting in a song that sums up Rarity's character perfectly.

Applejack: Days Gone By. I know, I know, it's an album exclusive, but in my opinion, it's a lot better than the only other AJ solo in MLP. It's so emotional, which is something I love, as mentioned before. The lyrics make it sound like it's talking about family members far away from us, but I think we all know what it's really saying. I also think it describes AJ's love for her family, even if they're... not with her, quite beautifully. It was also my favorite song in the album.

What about you? What's your favorite song for each of the Mane 6 and why? Do you agree or disagree with my list? I really want to hear your thoughts!