I have this friend, and she is one of the few people who knows and understands how big of an MLP fan I am, despite not being a fan herself. She is, however, a big fan of the British cartoon Horrid Henry. We often play silly little games to determine which of us is a bigger fan of our respective series, and these games usually end in a tie. Our most recent one was a bit different though.

So she came up with this idea that I would watch an episode of Horrid Henry and she would watch an MLP episode. Whoever quits first loses. Of course I, being who I am, happily accepted. I randomly picked Stranger Than Fan Fiction for her to watch, and she quit first, because she apparently got bored. Then, for the next one, I picked Gauntlet of Fire, and the same thing happened. For the last round, I decided to pick an older, "classic" episode that I thought she would like. It was Griffon the Brush Off. For this, I think she quit after I was done with the Horrid Henry episode she sent me.

Now if I'm being honest here, I didn't care much for Horrid Henry. The characters and story were too simple for my tastes. Humor was pretty much all it had, and it didn't really make me laugh too hard. I guess it just wasn't my thing. As for why she doesn't think ponies are her thing, I have this direct quote from her.

"MLP is not my thing because I kind of found it boring. Sorry about that, but Horridness and Ponies don't mix."

So in the end, we decided that we're probably not going to like each other's shows, but we can still agree to disagree. The whole situation just sounded very familiar to me, so I sent her this:

"You may love (Horrid Henry)... but it's no fun for me to watch it. I really don't like it. It's just not my cup of tea. [...] We do lots of fun things together, but I'm afraid this just isn't gonna be one of them. Actually, I'm not afraid. I'm perfectly fine with it." -Scare Master

By the way, I had her permission to post this.