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    Hey, this is my second blog post. I made something to prevent Spike from being a dog in Equestria Girls. You can sign it, and reach 1000 signs. If you hate Spike of being a dog (Looking at you DT) then sign this!

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    The worst error ever?

    March 21, 2013 by FunBot 2.0

    Hey guys, I was just looking on MLP games on the site and I found this pony quiz. Before I even clicked play, a nightmare came in my head. so many errors! 

    Below for horribleness

    First Picture

    Circle 1: DAT CUTIE MARK

    Circle 2: Not Dusk Shine, but makes Twilight more colt-like.

    Circle 3: Continue staring into space, Fluttershy.

    Circle 4: Presenting.. Pinkie Pie, the neck cracker!

    Circle 5: You didn't have a cast on your hoof and took it off, right Applejack?

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