Note: This is a fanfiction. Enjoy.

Chapter 1:) Playing Games and having Dinner

I've been chilling out, with my 3DS, Xbox 360 and my old SNES. I love playing Earthbound...and reading stories. I've been a brony since...December 2011, I think? Anyways, I watch ponies. And then I got a gift from my dad, it is a t-shirt that is MW3, but with ponies. I never expected it, and my birthday is just 3 weeks away. But, I didn't care. And then I played some MW3. I laugh and cry. Till, it was 8:30 PM, been playing for 5 hours..I think.

Later, I had dinner. We had a Baconator with Fries. The message on the ketchup says "Enjoy, Brony" I smiled. Finally, I went to bed...zzzzz.

Chapter 2:) The Dream

I had a dream...I was in a village...sorta looks like PonyVille. And I met a girl, looks 15 or 14, and she was pink! Pink Hair and Pink clothes! She even had Pinkie Pie's cutie mark on her skirt. Hmm, I realized it...I have a pony dream. Humanoid Ponies! Yeah!

I said hi to her, she replied back with a loud gasp! I thought it was the pilot all over again, till he hugged me and said "Oh boy! A new friend!". It wasn't till I had to find a job, but there was none...where's the currency? In fact, what's the currency? Dunno, but I loved my dream...until I woke up. Strange, I had Kleine–Levin syndrome since 2 weeks ago. Oh well.

The next night, I went to bed, and this time my syndrome was acting up, letting me sleep for a month. But who cares?! I was in my pony dream! Anyways, gtg! I gotta have my dream! ZzZzZzZz...