So I have been seeing some people say that they asked me for pictures while I was away! I'm glad to know you're interested in my style! I am getting a new drawing program on my computer, so just be patient. I will be more than pleased to draw your OC's and favorite characters. I also do cover art and character poses, but there are conditions for these things as payment (I won't take your money, I can't charge as I'm a new artist)

Let me start off apologizing for that spelling error in the title :\

I will need recognition as the person who drew these pictures. Me signing it or you saying who drew it would be good enough for me. Please don't credit my work, that would make me sad :(

Aside from ponies, I can redraw a picture into my own style, do several styles (doing newer styles may take me a little bit to finish or do right)

Lastly, I don't care if you send me a rough sketch of something, I can usually turn it into what you want if you can give me a few pointers, you can also tell me to do as I please with the work, and I'll do my best to make an original work that looks good.

As far as OC's go, I have designed several original ones that look amazing! I will be positing those soon enough. I have made everything from a changeling to an earth pony to Pegasus and unicorns. I can not, however come up with really amazing cutie marks for your character. I can try as a holding place, but even my cutie mark is pretty bland and meaningless. Names are another thing that I'm no good at.

If you tell me the race, talent, and colours you would like for your OC, then I can get to work on it. But if you don't want to do that, just tell me who you like the design of most, and I'll do one like that, but still original.

Thank you guys, I am so sorry it is taking so long to get to you all. Put what you want in the comments below, and I'll get to work on them. Remember, there is stuff going on with me too, so sometimes pictures will take a little bit to finish.