I have made my OC and have been working on her since I got into the fandom last year. Her design is fine, but her name is the biggest problem! She loves art and creating things for fun. She is a golden brown pegasus with purple and black hair (sound familiar?) yeah not happy about my OC's basic looks being used in an episode, makes me look unoriginal! Anyway, her current name is Prism Colour, but I think something else would be better, something that invovles rainbows and art (Prism Colour is a brand of professinal colouring pencils) if nothing like that comes to mind anything along these lines work:

-anything about weather that involves clouds, rainbows, or rain, those things create or inspire

-anything that has to do anything with art! I don't care as long as it involves colours and art!

-something bold and strong, something that says yeah that's a strong pony right there!

-flying colours was taken :(

-if you can't think of anything like that, how about something that has to do with writing or astronomy? Or something super nerdy like Dungeons and Dragons nerdy!

-here is some older names I had: Multi Media, Pastelle, Ink Pen, Rainbow Breeze, Storm Chaser, Easil, Turpantine (paint thinner used to make paint... thin...), Artty.

If you can hand out some help I will be more than happy to draw the winner an OC if you don't already have one, and if you do, I will draw it in my style! If you want me to that is...