I was talking with another guy friend of mine who watches My Little Pony and he hadn't seen the movie yet. I told him it would be a good investment to buy the movie so everyone in our dorm could watch it. Through the veiwing of the movie I accedently turned two other guys into Bronies and a few other people gave us some weird looks. That isn't what I wanted to talk about but I'm sure you thought it was pretty funny right? Well anyway.

I wanted to share my thoughts on the movie Equestria Girls. This was something I thought would be some epic movie that would blow us out of the water, but I couldn't put my hopes up too high, this was their first feature leangth film with humans. The movie was really Toyetic, but I couldn't put it past them. The movie would have worked if they planned the story a little bit better. I'm sure Hasbro's only need was that they show the girls as humans, the love intrest, and the scene where they are getting dressed up. I could work around that whole thing and make it work in the time alotted. I wish I had some animation software to prove it but I'm a little short on programming. I just want to split it up into small problems and solutions that could have been done.

My first problem is the pacing. I love this movie, but it feels like a toyline movie at its most mediocre. The movie didn't really do well when it came to making use of their time, it seemed like they had a lot of good ideas and could barely do a thing with them. The movie was aimed towards the bigger fans of the show, because of the setting and the other smaller hints in the movie. So this being the case the movie could have done more to expand on the situation, it could have had a bigger battle, a better sub plot, and a more interesting setting. I can't dwell on these too much becuase Rainbow Rocks is coming out soon and most of my (and many other's) problems will be adressed there. The movie basically skipped a lot between scenes and the story jumped gaps too often instead of flesing things out. Hell most of the movie could have been trying to get the girls to understand that Twilight was a magical pony princess from another dimension! That remindes me, how are they going to reinroduce Twilight into the next movie? Will it be real human her or pony her back fo another visit?

My second problem was the love intrest and the many interesting sub plots that could have worked but didn't. The movie was driving itself with dialoge and not much motion, as to say, when something needed the movie to move on, a character was to drive the story forward with something that is said. Example, Pinkie guessed the Twilight was not from that world and was actually a pony princess there to get a migical crown back to save her future kingdom. That could have been expanded upon and made out to be a better story. This could have been a good conflict. Twilight could say she didn't want to tell, but Spike could say it was imparitive to tell, then the truth could have slipped out about the whole thing and Pinkie could have found out after lots of hints were dropped. Pinkie's guess was unjustified and even though it could have worked the way it was done, some help should have been needed to convince the girls to follow along. They could have asked her what it was like being a pony or why she came there or how, or even showed a little more intrest in her world than they did. The love intrest wasn't needed, he was really just there because... he's there, that's basically all he was there for. He didn't drive the plot in any way, aside from proving her inoccent, which in my opinion would have been a lot more interesting if the pictures went viral on Facebook and she had to prove her innocnce to the whole school and win their votes that way. A song wouldn't really cut it.

Aside from the plot being bad, the story jumping, needless characters, poor design of the last boss, the story being drivin in a boring way, and the characters not needing Twilight to help solve their friendship problems, I think the movie was really good. It gave a story to how the girls behaved before Twilight came around, it had good music, it had shout outs to bronies, and it refferanced old jokes and episodes from the original show. I have to say the movie was pretty good, and I can prove that by the fact that my friend Double D said he would never like the show, hated and loathed it and after seeing the movie said he would like to see more! I don't recommend the movie to everyone trying to get a friend into watching the show, but it was good enough fo him. I personally liked the movie, but as a critic, some things just can't pass me. I have more opinions on the movie's characters and what the people have done for the fandom in another blog! Sorry this one was so long...