So season 5 is going to be an actual thing! Wow! Well, while this is a very good thing, this is also a very dangerous thing. We often know that shows are good in their mid running, and the longer they run the more flat they become. But we don't know MLP's mid run because it isn't done yet. I have high hopes for the new season, my biggest being episode 100 and Rainbow Dash and/or Applejack getting a full solo. Mainly because I am a huge Hey! Ocean fan. So, without further adue, my season 5 wish list:

1. I really hope that they get to explore more of the country. It would be nice to see Las Pegasus and more of fabulous Manehatten!

2. Music music music! We need more of it, because this show does it up right! I love the soundtrack and think there is nothing but improvement and experiments to be done!

3. More risk taking. The show in season 4 took a lot heat for doing things that geared more towards their "fans" rather than "target demographic" with jokes like Filly Vanilli, Castle Mania, Old Time Rock n' Roll, and music giving a shout out to The Nightmare Before Christmas. The show also took "I Can So Relate" turns with "Daring Don't" and also pokes at fans to make memes. We all know that face Rainbow Dash made had "POST ME!" written all over it! This is a topic I can elaborate on later!

This is all for now, I will have more later!

Furious Flyer Dashie OUT!