Wonderwhoops: Rainbow Dash saves Depy's life + doing a big beautiful sonic rainboom & joins the wonderbolts.

Awakening of our heroes: Shows how the main six always wake up.

Ragebow Dash: Rainbow Dash yells at Fluttershy for breaking her favorite chair. Rainbow decides to improve her hardcore & short temper.

The Squirrel: A Squirrel was about to be eaten by Gilda. Rainbow Dash saves the Squirrel. Rainbow gives it a big potion & the squirrel gets super powers.

Let's Stick Our Heads Together: Rainbow & Pinkie End Up In a terrible accident & get stuck together.

The Cutie Mark Girls: The CMC's finally get their cutie marks.

Rainbow's Rival: Rainbow Dash grows rivalry with a green pony called Fail Boom.

My Little Boyfriend: Rainbow Dash finds a love interest named Tom.

Fantastic Ponyage: Rainbow Dash catches the flu. Twilight & Spike have to trave in a siubmarine in her body to see what's wrong with her.