There is a shot of Apple Bloom coveried in black grease paint & A Green Pony With A Blue Wig in Apple Bloom's room. Apple Bloom is sitting to the right, in front of her bed, & the green pony is sitting to left in front of a helium pumper. The clown has no cutie mark. The green clown pony is holding a red balloon. Apple Bloom is holding a blue baloon. The green clown puts his mouth on his baloon. A few seconds later, he sounds exactly like Alvin. He makes a joke about Apple Bloom's grandma & says "Your Grandma has a peg leg with a kick stand". His voice lowens to normal. He sounds just like Spongebob. They both laugh. Apple Bloom blows on her baloon for about 3 seconds. Her voice sounds like Marshmallow from Annoying Orange. Her voice lowens to normal & they laugh again. However, the baloon flies out of her hand. It flies up to the celing, Then flies to the right, & then flies down. It reveals the door to Apple Bloom's room is underneath where the baloon was flying. Scary Low Pitched Pimno Music plays as Granny Smith is standing in front of the door. The baloon flies down on her head. Granny Smith is very angry. The camera goes to Apple Bloom & The clown staring to the right. (where Granny Smith might be standing.) She tells the clown to get out. The Clown is sadly & slowly walking out the open door in fro\nt of a green hallway. He is sadly looking down as he is walking out. Soon, he's not in the hallway anymore. Then, the camera goes into Applebloom's room. Granny Smith stretches one of her lower hooves at Apple Bloom. She says "Apple Bloom, i can't believe you befriended a clown. That's it. You are grounded for 5 months. 2 Months in your room & the other 3 Months in the house". Apple Bloom starts crying. The camera shots to a title card that says "3 Days Later". Very sad chord music is playing as Apple Bloom is sitting on her bed crying. She asks what she can do while she's separated from the clown to her doll. The doll says nothing & she throws the doll at the cameraman. Then, the Timecard appears again but this time says "5 days later". Apple Bloom looks out her window somewhere in her room out her window & turns to the left & says "I'll Never Love Again!" & starts crying even more & the video fades black & the video ends.