Here is some more stuff about me. I have a very big family & i live in my house with 5 family members. I also live with a step dad. I used to have a real dad who died of depression that he was staying secluded in. The depression was long & seemed endless. After that, I suffered a small depression myself. This lasted for 2 years, until it ended after my life was saved with the power of PONIES. My sister showed me MLP FIM & saved me from my life getting any worser. Ifelt very happy that day, as my depression finally ended. As of that moment, I was a guy with a very happy playful life. I also have 2 sisters with 1 step sister. They lie to me, spit at me, swear at me, beat me up, & I really hate the way they act. My stepdad has to work, leaving me the only boy in the house. My step dad has been married to his current wife, who is our mother, she always has to clean the house after we make a mess. She sleeps everytime I return home. Everytime I see this, I get very angry with her & we start a fight. My step dad is always beating me up too. He seems to be the yelling parent in this house. Everytime he sees me eating things like Candy, Beef Stew, Ice Cream, CCookiews, He just gets pissed off. I also swear alot, I get into a lot of trouble for it. I have an iffy sleeping schedule in the summer. In the summer, i wake up at 11:30am & fall asleep at 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

That will be all.