Derpy was first born just a couple years after the Twentieth Century had ended. As a baby, she made repetetive mistakes. Pretty soon, she had entered preschool. She was a very naughty kid. Soon, it lead to her getting held captive by Pirates. She was held captive for 8 days. When she got back to Ponyville, everyone made fun of her. She couldn't take it. She made fun of them for revenge, but after that, she was still dumb. & one day, when she was 5, she was so dumb, she didn't notice that RD took her flying competion number off. & Later on, she got hit by an anvil while falling for a prank by the CMC's. She was in the hospital for 5 days. Then, when she was 7, she made RD fall while decorating a party for Applejack. Now, as an 8 year old, she still tries her very best, but yet, still fails. She is thinking about going to therapy now.