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Things Good & Bad About MLP

Fweepers August 12, 2012 User blog:Fweepers

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The Good Stuff

  • Season 3 has an amazing throw of animation.
  • Season 1 was good.
  • The Second Season was great.
  • The animation is BEAUTIFUL AS HECK.
  • Rainbow is not only rude, but nice. She got nicer to Fluttershy, lately.
  • The comedy is to & thro. It goes mostly on than off.
  • Fluttershy is not only shy, but brave.
  • Twilight is not only logical, but kind.
  • The latest episodes are great. (No, not A Canterlot Wedding.)

The Bad Stuff

  • I'm worried that Season 3 might have to do something with "No More Ideas".
  • Season 1 was not very great. Just good.
  • The second season finale was terrible.
  • Sometimes, the animation can be bad.
  • Rainbow can be very VERY rude.
  • Pinkie sometimes drops the comedy, but she's still finny.
  • Fluttershy can be very VERY shy.
  • Twilight is very logic.
  • As i said before, A Canterlot Wedding was terrible.

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