I feel very VERY bad of the CMC's for not gaining their cutie marks. I am slightly mad at the writers. They know they are torturing them & the madness must stop by Season 3.

List of all the CMC's attempts to get a cutie mark

  • Applebloom tries many attempts to gain her cutie mark.
  • The CMS's return & yet again try many MANY weak attempts to get a cutie mark.
  • They return in another episode & ONCE AGAIN they try many MANY weak attempts to get a cutie mark.
  • CMC decide to talk to the bigger kids, the main 6, about how THEY got THEIR cutie marks.
  • Applebloom is really sad about still being a blank flank & decides to go talk to Dr. Suess' zebra brother, Zecora, about it. Eventually, she gets a bad case of The Cutie Pox.
  • It's Zapapple season, & the CMC see if they'll get their cutie marks, but they once again fail.
  • Applebloom wants to see if she gets her cutie mark by helping out making cider.
  • It's Valentines Day, & the CMC's try to see if they have cutie marks by making love poition.
  • The CMC's try to get their cutie marks by newspaper reporting.