The princesses and others bio's are.

Morning Dawn

Age: 21 Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Cutie Mark: A dawn cloud

Residence: Corarina (one of four princesses) Birth Place: Coralina

Full Name: Morning Dawn Nicknames: Dawn, Dusk

Fifteen Points

Age: 16 Gender: Female Species:  Pegasus Cutie Mark: A fifteen pointed star, green, blue and pink stars with a red heart.

Residence: Coralina Birth Place: Coralina

Full Name: Fifteen Points Nicknames: Pointer


Age: 100

Gender: Female Species: Unicorn Cutie Mark: Sun and the moon

Residence: Mirrorina (Made with Coralina's smaller islands) Birth Place: Coralina

Full Name: Lunia Celena Nicknames: Moony, Lui

Dream Stars

Age: 160

Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Cutie Mark: 8 stars and a cloud

'Residence: ' Coralina Birth Place: Coralina

Full Name: Dream Stars Nicknames: Star, Cloud Butt.

Crystal Stone

Age: 150 Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Cutie Mark: A diamond with sparks

'Residence: ' Coralina Birth Place: Coralina

Full Name: Crystal Stone Nicknames: Crystal


Age: 120 Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Cutie Mark: stars and clouds

'Residence: ' Coralina Birth Place: Coralina

Full Name: Adoni Nicknames: Sunset