• NOTE: This was actually uploaded on November 1st, 2013

Previously...on The Pony Chronicles:

 Meanwhile, in the Griffon Kingdom, Luna was off to find help. She came to the Griffon King and asked for the assistance they required against the Destroyers. The Griffon King agreed to help, on one condition: “Defend us.”     The Griffons followed Luna, who was leading them into battle. “ALLONS-Y!” She said.                                           They arrived at Equestria. The Griffons saw the battle at Equestria. They started fighting the Changelings, not knowing the difference between them and Destroyers, as they never saw one. Ponies lay unconscious on the ground. Changelings were bruised and also unconscious. The Griffons joined in and almost got wiped out, there were only hundreds of them left, as opposed to the thousands there were hours before. The Griffon King joined in. He fought on the front line. The King avoided many attacks from the Changelings, and was struck, he layed there… dead.                                                                                                                                                           [The Chronicles Series] -The Pony Chronicles - Episode IV - Luna- (The Princesses of Equestria: Part Two)                   -ONE DAY EARLIER...-                                                                                                                                    "What will we do? We're terribly outnumbered!" Celestia said.                                                                               Luna looked up, and saw the answer immediately. A Griffon on a cloud.                                                               "The Griffon Kingdom!" Luna exclaimed.                                                                                                             "Hmm...?" Celestia asked. "You ask to go to the Griffon Kingdom?"                                                                     "Precisely!" Luna said. "Now! Our land is in trouble, and I shall do something"                                                       "Alright then, I'll be here to watch our land"'                                                                                                         At the Griffon Kingdom, Luna went straight to the king. "Back, Guards, I must speak to the king."                         The Guards recognized Luna as Faust's daughter and let her pass.                                                                      "Thank you." She walked up toward the King's throne. "Greetings, thy greatness, I am Luna, daughter of the Queen Faust of Equestria. Our land is in trouble, and we need thy assistance." She explained the troubles...                  -THE NEXT DAY...-                                                                                                                                         "NO!" Luna ran up to the King of the Griffons. He was lying there, dead.                                                                A Griffon saw, and attacked Luna, thinking she killed him.                                                                                  Luna fought back.                                                                                                                                            The battle lines were drawn: international war.                                                                                                    The only chance the ponies had left..were the dragons.                                                                                      Much more ponies were dying, and the Changelings fled, as the opposers were distracted.                                    The ponies were being killed, and so were the griffons.                                                                                        The battle was rough and bloody. Celestia was killed. The Queen of the Griffons killed her.                                    Luna attacked, and the Griffons fled. She ran up to her sister.                                                                               "C--C--Celestia?" Luna shed a tear, landing on her sister. She remembered the elements. She went to retrieve them, and put them in a circle around her dead body. She tried using magic, but it didn't work. She tried EVERYTHING and felt hopeless. Luna thought of all the times they had--all the things they had been through. She remembered. She shed another tear. She remembered how much she loved Celestia, her sister. Her best friend. One of her only friends. Everyone else slept during her beautiful night. She shed one last tear, and the Elements activated. They brought Celestia back.The bond of the sisters was too strong. The two hugged, and took care of the remaining ponies.