• NOTE: This was ACTUALLY uploaded on the 9th of October, 2013                                                                      [The Chronicles Series] -The Pony Chronicles - Episode I - Mother Faust- These are dark times for the world. Dark Creatures, called Destroyers, are attacking. The Griffon Kingdom has been attacked. Half the Dragons were killed off. A war is raging across the whole world. Most of Equestria was destroyed. This is After Equestria. But before all darkness, is joy and cheer. And memories of those times, are the only things that give us faith that the world will be the same as it once was, although it will never be. These are The Pony Chronicles. Long ago, there was a Princess, in her royal throne in Canterlot, being alerted of the danger striking Equestria. That Princess, Princess Celestia, was the daughter of the Creator of the world, Mother Faust. “Your highness, an evil force is attacking Equestria, it has destroyed the Griffon Kingdom and half the Dragons of the world. They have returned.” Said one of her Royal Guards. “They? The Destroyers? Alicorn’s Bane?” Asked Celestia. “Y-yes,” The messenger replied. Celestia ran off to the Canterlot Library, to recall how they were banished before. She found the section of the library, Dark Creatures. She searched and found the right book. “Alicorn’s Bane”. She opened the book, to the first page, there was a scarched note. The writing seemed familiar to her. The note read: “My Dearest Children, I leave you this note to tell you of my… Departure. I am leaving this world, our ponies are dying, and most of the Alicorns have been wiped out. I have found a way to stop the Destroyers, but first, I leave to Celestia, the sun and day. To Luna, the moon and night. I leave you both, the Elements of Harmony. I now must tell you how to defeat the Destroyers, if they return-” The rest of the note was burnt. By then, Celestia was crying. She remembered her mother, the Creator, Mother Faust. She remembered the times she had with her. She remembered when she was young: “Mother, I couldn’t sleep,” Celestia said. “Come here, daughter, you are safe here.” Mother Faust answered. “Nothing can hurt you. I will always be watching you to keep you safe.” “Promise?” “I promise.” Later, that week, Luna woke up and told her mother, “Mother, I couldn’t sleep,” just like her elder sister. Faust replied the same thing, “Come here, daughter, you are safe here. Nothing can hurt you. I will always be watching you to keep you safe.” “Promise?” “I promise.” As time passed, Mother Faust grew troubled, she saw the first signs of the attack of Destroyers. She wanted to watch her children, but find a way to defeat the Destroyers as well. She saw hate among the ponies. She couldn’t trust anyone else to watch her children at times like this. Dark times. She grew distant, yet alert. Time kept passing, Celestia and Luna grew older. “Mother?” Celestia asked, “Why have you been so distant lately? Is something wrong?” “Celestia, you should be in bed now. Go to sleep.” “I can’t sleep.” “Come here, daughter, you are safe here. Nothing can hurt you. I will always be watching you to keep you safe.” She said, as she had 15 years earlier. “Although times are dark, I am here. Although it is time for you and Luna to learn how to defend yourself.” Faust started training her children, for years and years. The first attack struck. “Mother! What are these creatures?” Luna asked. “Destroyers. Someone opened the gate to their world a while back.” Faust replied, and ran off to find an old friend of hers, Discord. “Destroyers are attacking , I will need your help to destroy them.” She told him. “Destroyers?” Discord asked. “Someone opened the gate to their world.” “That might have been…me.” Discord confessed. “You did this?” “I can fix it, I swear.” “Discord, you are strong, but I must remember, you are the God of Chaos. You may make things worse.” “How is it possible to make things worse?!” He asked. “Things are already as worse as possible. I can only make them better.” “I have my doubts.” Mother Faust replied. “I must go now. I need the aid of someone else.” She ran off to look for someone to help her. She came across a zebra, named Zectra in a house in a dark forest. “May I help you?” The old zebra asked. “That is yet to be seen.” Faust answered. “Do you know of any creature that is strong enough to defeat Destroyers? “Destroyers? Those, I haven’t heard about in years. I do know of one strong enough to defeat a Changeling, does that help?” “I guess so,” Faust responded. An old pony walked out from behind Zectra, a bearded unicorn. “This, is Star Swirl the Bearded.” “Hello there, Queen,” Star Swirl said, bowing. A Destroyer swarm flew through the air. Star Swirl saw it and quickly followed them. When the two got to the destination, they saw dead bodies of ponies. Most of the Alicorns had been destroyed. Faust tried to fight some of the Destroyers off, while running home to check on her children. They were fine, yet some Destroyers followed Mother Faust, she fought them off, thinking of a brighter place, in harmony, where everypony is kind, generous, loyal, honest, and full of laughter and Magic. She realized that the Destroyers fed on hate. Harmony defeats hate. She looked outside, and saw Star Swirl leading everypony to safety. She knew what to do. She created 6 Elements of Harmony: Kindness, Laughter, Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, and Magic. She forged 6 symbols, symbolizing each of the elements. She quickly wrote a note, burnt by a destroyer, and used the Elements, destroying the dark creatures. She then opened a portal, to nothing, and created a world of harmony, so when things were dark, anyone could find harmony. Faust’s disappearance did not go unnoticed. Star Swirl, found the note, and gave it to Luna and Celestia, along with the Elements. That night, Luna was gazing at the stars, and saw something bright, join them. A planet. Celestia, calmed herself down, stopped crying, and began to read the book. She remembered her mother’s promise, and knew everything was going to be fine.