• NOTE: This was ACTUALLY uploaded on the 9th of October, 2013                                                          [The Chronicles Series] -The Pony Chronicles - Episode II - Discord- These are dark times for the world. Dark Creatures, called Destroyers, are attacking. The Griffon Kingdom has been attacked. Half the Dragons were killed off. A war is raging across the whole world. Most of Equestria was destroyed. This is After Equestria. But before all darkness, is joy and cheer. And memories of those times, are the only things that give us faith that the world will be the same as it once was, although it will never be. These are The Pony Chronicles. Upon hearing of Faust’s passage from this world, Discord was heartbroken. As time passed, he grieved more and more about his dear Faust. By this time, Luna and Celestia made a new home called Equestria. He wished he could have done something to save her. He regretted his last conversation with her. He was the cause of her departure. If he hadn’t released the Destroyers, none of this would have happened. But it did. And that was the cold reality that life has at some points. Discord was turning into a monster. A full on monster. How did this happen? He messed with the ground, made it fly, and disturbed the Destroyers’ home. The home is located under the ground. DEEP under the ground. It made them mad, and they attacked. He was banished by Celestia. After Faust’s departure, he grew feelings for Celestia. He was outcast by the one he loved. The one he truly loved. “Celestia, I apologize about your mother’s death!” Discord pleaded. “Just let me back in the community!” “No. You don’t want to cause any more damage than you have already done.” Celestia replied. “But Celestia-!” Celestia left. No more words. Nothing. Discord hated loneliness and wanted someone to have as a friend. But now, that seemed impossible. Not unlikely, impossible. Discord’s transformation begins here. The loneliness caused him to become the monster he was. He couldn’t take it. No more loneliness. Discord would return to Equestria as he was only there a few times since its formation. He decided to plan. The planning took years and years. 5 years total. He was ready to make his comeback. His first attempt didn’t go as well as he planned. He was attacked by ponies, and banished—again. He wouldn’t allow himself to be defeated, 2 more years of planning and editing, and he tried again. This time didn’t go so well either. Luna saw him and attacked, and a battle struck throughout Canterlot. Discord was defeated and banished—yet again. 3 more years of planning and changing, and he was ready—this time, he was. He turned the Canterlot Castle upside down and made all the ponies homes crash into each other. Luna tried to attack, but he put her in a cell that drained her powers. Celestia attacked as well, but this time, she was locked into caves underneath Canterlot. Discord was in power. Equestria was renamed Discordia. Discord was not going to be stopped so easily. Ponies tried to attack, and attack, and attack, but all attempts were failed. Discord fought them all off, and hypnotized them. Luna was losing power, Celestia was trapped, Equestria was doomed. Discordia was going as planned. Discord was hailed in many ways, statues, paintings, toys. Discord was now King Discord, ruler of Discordia. He was like a spoiled 5 year old, getting everything he desired. He was happy, unlike past years. He was all he wished he could be. And more. He was stronger. He felt like a child again—a child. He remembered his childhood. His sad childhood—a lonely childhood. He had no friends, besides Faust. He had his parents and Faust. Nobody wanted to make friends with the God of Chaos, like him, so it would be wrong to say he felt like a child. He felt like he was living in a fantasy. He had all he wanted, yet he wanted more. He had all he wanted except for one thing—Faust. He wanted Faust back more than anything. He wanted his best friend—his only friend back. Yet it was impossible. Or seemed so to Discord. He wanted his family back, he wanted to stop them from dying. He was reluctant to start a family, if they were all going to die on him, like his old one did. He would stop his family’s sicknesses. He would destroy them. He would do anything to get revenge on them. He just wanted his family back, and Faust. But what could he do? He felt like he witnessed their deaths all over again. What would it take to get them back? What would Faust say about his behavior? What would his family say about it? He had one thing to do. Stop this all. He un-hypnotized the ponies, and ran to Luna’s cell. He let her out. She tried to fight, but she was too weak to. Just then, Celestia came from behind Discord, and attacked him. He fought back, and returned to being a monster. “Discord! You monster! Curse thy name!” Shouted Luna, being returned to her cell, now shared with Celestia. “This is Discordia! I am your leader! You shall bow before me and none other, or else!” Discord shouted, hypnotizing the ponies again. The Alicorns fled in time, before the hypnosis wave caused by Discord could begin. “You will pay for your crimes against me! You will be Destroyed!" Discord left them in their cells, and waited until all their power was drained. The cells were made of pure Chaos. Chaos made by Discord. The sisters knew what to do, but decided to rest instead. Discord came, and saw them in peace. He was angry at this. He would not allow it. No! He wouldn’t! He was ready to exterminate them. He was just about to when, the sisters used the Elements of Harmony on the cell, and escaped. Their powers weren’t restored yet, so they ran to Zectra’s shack to find Star Swirl. Zectra answered the door. “We must see Star Swirl!” Celestia pleaded. “Equestria is in havoc!” “Destroyers again?” Star Swirl asked, coming up behind Zectra. “No.” Luna said. “Something worse.” After staying at Zectra’s to regain their powers, the ponies ran off, and Star Swirl saw the hypnotized ponies, un-hypnotizing them one by one. The sisters were regaining their powers and found Discord. He tried to fight, but failed. The two used the Elements of Harmony, and turned Discord to stone. “Noooo!!!” Discord cried, but by then, he was completely stone. That night, as Luna watched the stars, she saw the planet, she saw 10 years before, grow brighter. Hope was still there for the world. For the ponies. For Equestria.