• NOTE: This was ACTUALLY uploaded on the 10th of October, 2013

[The Chronicles Series] The Pony Chronicles: Episode III- Celestia (The Princesses of Equestria: Part One) These are dark times for the world. Dark Creatures, called Destroyers, are attacking. The Griffin Kingdom has been attacked. Half the Dragons were killed off. A war is raging across the whole world. Most of Equestria was destroyed. This is After Equestria. But before all darkness, is joy and cheer. And memories of those times, are the only things that give us faith that the world will be the same as it once was, although it will never be. These are The Pony Chronicles.                                                                                                                                             Celestia had been stressed for the past 5 months, with the events of Discordia, and her mother’s exit to the world. The Destroyers were regrouping. The battle was about to truly begin.                                                                There were creatures flying through the air torwards Equestria.                                                                             “FAUST!” A voice said.                                                                                                                                   Celestia looked up. Didn’t everyone know that Faust was gone?                                                                           “What are these creatures of yours?!” The voice said.                                                                                       “My mother is dead!” Celestia shouted.                                                                                                             “I require Faust.” The voice said… it belonged to... Chrysalis.  “My mother is gone! Discuss the matters with me.” Celestia said.                                                                                                                                         “These creatures! My race is being killed by them!” Chrysalis said.                                                                       “Which creatures?”                                                                                                                                           “The Destroyers of the world!”                                                                                                                            She was, of course, referring to the Destroyers. The term originated with this comment. The Destroyers had attacked the day before and were regrouping still. This began a cross-species war. The Ponies vs. The Changelings. And it began now. “These creatures are not ours.” Celestia responded. “We have been attacked as well. We require assistance.”                                                                                                                           “LIAR! You are lying. You will not get assistance and never will. You shall be destroyed! You attacked us, and we attack you…” The Changelings attacked.                                                                                                      The war was getting bigger and bigger.                                                                                                               The ponies tried to defend themselves, equipped with armor and all.                                                     Meanwhile, in the Griffon Kingdom, Luna was off to find help. She came to the Griffon King and asked for the assistance they required against the Destroyers. The Griffon King agreed to help, on one condition: “Defend us.”     The Griffons followed Luna, who was leading them into battle. “ALLONS-Y!” She said.                                           They arrived at Equestria. The Griffons saw the battle at Equestria. They started fighting the Changelings, not knowing the difference between them and Destroyers, as they never saw one. Ponies lay unconscious on the ground. Changelings were bruised and also unconscious. The Griffons joined in and almost got wiped out, there were only hundreds of them left, as opposed to the thousands there were hours before. The Griffon King joined in. He fought on the front line. The King avoided many attacks from the Changelings, and was struck, he layed there… dead.

--To Be Continued...--