Hi. I'm bored. And, just a second ago... I felt bored but now... I feel hyper... Oh well! Whatevs! I'm always hyper! Just like Pinkie Pie! But I don't like pink! Well, a lil bit..

Okay.. So.. Wanna tell me something random you did?

I did these:

  • Lay on the ground in a haunted house in an amusement park.
  • Order 20 boxes of pizzas in school when I was in 4th (or is it 5th?) grade... And then the pizza delivery guy came in with 20 boxes of pizzas. My teacher saw it and then just payed for it like it was just nothing. She gave me like, 10 boxes of pizzas and the rest are hers.
  • Pretend I'm dead at school.
  • I interrupted my enemy performing in a talent show at my school and started insulting her.
  • Talked to a tree in an amusement oark and then instantly slapped it and told it that we are going on a divorce because it wasn't answering me.
  • Pretend I was a tree at the mall.
  • I once dressed as a fairy with clown shoes and a witch hat for Halloween. I was holding a sandwich and started randomly yelling at strangers in a dramatic way.