• Gamemasta424

    We Need More Rules!

    August 6, 2011 by Gamemasta424

    As we all know, the FiM fanbase is growing more and more each day. The more fans we have, the more users we get. Though this is a good thing, there are also more vandals. Our wiki does not seem to have strong enough guidelines and consequences to keep safe from vantdals and trolls. If we want our wiki to succeed, we need to step up. I think we should have more rules towards user treatment. Also, these rules should be more wiki-specific, not just the basic Wikipedia rules. As a CoD wiki user, I realize that our users are a major percentage of this wiki's users. That said, CoD Wikia is one of the most functioning and popular wikis of all. I think we should have similar guidelines and policies if we want a structured wiki.

    That's just about it…

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