Gavin The Otter

aka Gavin the Dragon

  • I live in Europe
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is going on the internet
  • I am male
  • Gavin The Otter

    I'm out, I'm done.

    Nothing heartfelt, just a bye to the MLP Wiki.

    Bye for now.

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  • Gavin The Otter

    What TV shows do you follow other than MLP? I don't mean occasionaly watching a show. I mean as in a TV show you follow, as in, watching episodes from start to finish in order.

    I'm currently following Fairy Tail, and Naruto. Though I've watched more Naruto (36 episodes down, and 1 movie down) than Fairy Tail (7 episods down).

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  • Gavin The Otter

    What are your favourite crack shippings? It can be something just mildly unusual, like Scootaloo shipped with King Sombra, or it can be something extremely weird like Naruto shipped with Ariana Grande.

    Here are my favourites:

    -Pink Gold Peach x Lady Gaga

    -Tinky Winky x Leonardo Da Vinci

    -Mr. Krabs x Kim Kardashian

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  • Gavin The Otter

    DISCLAIMER: Before someone points out about this being an irrelevant blog post... it isn't. Blogs don't have to be related to MLP. I know that doesn't mean make a load of blogs for the hell of it. If someone a blog called "XD KAWAII POTATO DESU XDD" that would be an irrelevant blog. Anyways...

    What pet peeves do you have? Here are some of mine:

    -Radical Anti members of stuff who centre their lives around hating on members of whatever they're opposed (Anti-Feminists, Anti-SJW's, Anti-Fandoms pretty much).

    -People who scream at the top of their lungs that you let them follow an interest which others may find odd and offensive, but then they criticse others for odd interests they don't share.

    -People who demand that you can't judge their fandom b…

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  • Gavin The Otter

    Your biggest fear?

    February 25, 2016 by Gavin The Otter

    What is your biggest fear? It can be either something personal or something just plain and simple.

    My biggest fear is that nobody actually wants to be friends with me, they're just trying to tolerate me hoping I'll go away.

    A few other fears I have are most dogs, getting lost, getting badly injured, and accidentally breaking something.

    So what fears do you have?

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