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  • I live in Manhattan, near Central Park
  • I was born on January 31
  • I am Male
  • Gavocruz

    Update on Me

    September 15, 2015 by Gavocruz

    So, if you haven't read my blog from April, don't bother reading it or this bcasue it's not important, unless you really want to of course. This is just for me to express my happiness and fill in on my situation. 

    So after my whole catasrophe in April, the "heavy punishment" sort of thing lasted about 2 weeks (which I found rather hilarious that my mom didn't enforce it strongly). I didn't miss any of season 5, mainly because I'm so rich that my mom forgot I have an iPad ;). It wasn't too bad overall, but the MacBook Pro i wrote my previous blog on has been er.... literally destroyed. The crazy woman dropped it from the second floor after an argument with me that she lost. But I happened to save all my precious school, pony, and personal da…

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  • Gavocruz

    My life is bad right now. I have no other ideas so I'm just gonna express them here. No need to read it or comment, but feel free to if you'd like. If this type of thing isn't allowed or something I politely ask admins not to remove it. I'm asking as a person, not a wiki user. Sorry if it is horribly unorganized as well.

    Look everyone, I'm 16, a guy, and I have a terrible relationship with my mother. She doesn't hate me, and I don't (always) hate her, but she hates me. I'm a somewhat bad tempered person and I have little patience with the stupidest things, and I go off on my siblings for being stupid or annoying. My mom looks for reasons to punish me. Some kids get their Xbox, phone, or computer taken away, but not me. I get my ponies taken…

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