My life is bad right now. I have no other ideas so I'm just gonna express them here. No need to read it or comment, but feel free to if you'd like. If this type of thing isn't allowed or something I politely ask admins not to remove it. I'm asking as a person, not a wiki user. Sorry if it is horribly unorganized as well.

Look everyone, I'm 16, a guy, and I have a terrible relationship with my mother. She doesn't hate me, and I don't (always) hate her, but she hates me. I'm a somewhat bad tempered person and I have little patience with the stupidest things, and I go off on my siblings for being stupid or annoying. My mom looks for reasons to punish me. Some kids get their Xbox, phone, or computer taken away, but not me. I get my ponies taken away.

I have to pack up all my Mlp merch, which is A LOT, like over $1000 worth of stuff, and move it out of my room. My mom does not approve of my attitude with her and my family. I'm not the nicest to them by a long shot, but that only occurs when someone does something or says something stupid or annoying. I have 0 tolerance for stupidity or annoyance. So long story short, she's had enough and I have as well. She expects me to respect her when all she does is be a (female dog) to me. I'm sure I sound like a typical idiot teenager, but I'm just a victim of her insanity

I love my house, but I hate my home.

My laptop, phone, Tv, etc are now all being taken away, so I don't know if I'lll have the means to see Season 5 for a while. My only times of hapiness are at school learning and with friends, on the internet with friends like you guys, and My Little Pony. I'm just so frustrated with what my mother puts me through. I love her as a mom, but hate her as a person.

I don't know what to do. My dad is a reasonable person that I respect. He is not mad at me, but won't help me out of this one. He says I need some time away from all my things, which I guess I understand. I'm putting away all my things, and I don't know why I shouldn't just pack them up to leave instead. 

So I guess I might miss a few things, but thanks for reading if you have. I'm open to any insight, thoughts or advice. Sorry to make myself seem like a wimp, but I can't take it anymore. The only reason my mom doesn't take my stuff herself is because she knows I won't let her (I physically overpower everyone in the house but my dad). So I'm left to deal with this crap. Life sucks.

I'm sad, angry, and frustrated. She asks for respect, and despite my admitably poor efforts to give it, she is annoying and mean all of the time.

I'm reachin out to the wiki because it's one of the few places I'm feel safe and happy.

Thanks if you made it this far :)