So, if you haven't read my blog from April, don't bother reading it or this bcasue it's not important, unless you really want to of course. This is just for me to express my happiness and fill in on my situation. 

So after my whole catasrophe in April, the "heavy punishment" sort of thing lasted about 2 weeks (which I found rather hilarious that my mom didn't enforce it strongly). I didn't miss any of season 5, mainly because I'm so rich that my mom forgot I have an iPad ;). It wasn't too bad overall, but the MacBook Pro i wrote my previous blog on has been er.... literally destroyed. The crazy woman dropped it from the second floor after an argument with me that she lost. But I happened to save all my precious school, pony, and personal data the day before on a flash drive, so it's all good. I got a new MacBook Pro, and all my stuff back in about a month and a half.

Funny things can happen in a month.

Exactly a month after the start of my "punishment", I got a girlfriend. We've happily been together for almost 5 months, and things are so great between us. I'm so much happier with her and my life is 10x better. I can comfortably say we're in love, even if 5 months seems short. School has started again, and my life is looking up.

Life is good now, and my mom has slightly chilled (aka not really). I'm much more tolerable and tolerating now too. I've been off the heavy punishment for a few months and have been 100% not under scrutiny for 1 month.

Thanks for reading, regardless of whether you care.