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    Just note that these are MY opinions. I've also made a review of the movie itself in journal entry form on my Deviantart here. (And sorry for the minor typing errors)

    First thing I'm gonna say is that the story is very interesting, the new characters were great, and the songs were no doubt catchy!

    Even though it's the same ol' typical "Going beyond their hometown" kind of plot we've seen in other movies based on TV shows, I think this movie takes that formula, and takes it to the max!

    The new characters were a lot of fun, while I will admit the ones from the pawn shop scene were pretty ugly, no offense. My favorite one was Grubber, who was Tempest's sidekick. He likeness for eating and sense of humour really drives the crowd wild!

    Lastly, the …

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  • Gemmygod

    Here's an idea I had for an episode of MLP that I thought I'd share.

    Here's a little summary: Twilight and her friends notice that Pinkie Pie's birthday is tomorrow, and they don't know how they're gonna celebrate it. Little do they know that Pinkie already has the issue covered, for she called on the bear trio. The bears' names are Buford, Pierre, and Plex! They're a traveling party planning team who try to make a pony's party extra special!

    More info on this idea can be seen here!

    If anyone wants to know more about the bears indvually just out of curiosity, links are provided below.

    1. Buford's page
    2. Pierre's page
    3. Plex's page
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  • Gemmygod

    2017 episode predictions

    January 5, 2017 by Gemmygod

    Just sharing a few episode predictions I think might happen.

    1. An episode where a fan favorite character returns

    2. Another musical episode with a special guest star voice acting a new character

    3. An episode where Pinkie Pie sees everypony crying and tries to cheer them up

    4. Another episode similar to "Slice of Life"

    Well, what do you think?

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  • Gemmygod

    The party with the ponies marathon on Discovery Family is quite the blast for all the bronies out there! Get on you party hats, grab your pony plushies, and turn on the tube! 2017 is gonna be a BIG year for MLP!

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    Wow! Season 6 had quite a lot of interesting episodes with so many foreshadowing easter eggs hidden within! And let me just say, this was probably one my favotie seasons of this show by far, with season 4 being a close second. But what was YOUR favorite episode(s) of Season 6 this year? I'd say mine are "To Where And Back Again", "Viva Las Pegasus", "No second prances", and "Every little thing she does" just to name a few!

    Honestly, I'm so looking foraward to what season 7 has to offer, and I'm pretty confident it won't be disappointing!

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