I don't know about you, but I kinda saw it coming. When I watched the season 5 finale, I thought "Not only is there gonna be a sixth season, I'm also willing to be that there's also going to be a seventh season!" About 10 months later, I see that it has been OFFICALLY confirmed that MLP is getting a 7th season. We're not even done with season 6 yet! I'm so excited to see what season 7 has to offer! So what do you guys think will happen then? One guess I have is that the mane 6 (or 7 if you include Starlight Glimmer) may encounter a new villan that may even not be a pony character! That would be pretty cool! Also, I hope they have another guest star play a role in another musical episode! (They had Weird Al in "Pinkie Pride", and Lena Hall in "The Mane Attraction"). They might even have an episode that be similar to "Five Nights At Freddy's", where some new pizzeria opens in ponyville with mysterious animatronics! If they did an episode like that, that would AWESOME! But it really all depends on what happens in the remaining episodes of season 6 first, because things that happen in the past can affect the future! That's been happening in this show's universe since the start of the show. So looking forward to the seaon 6 finale, as well the season 7 premere, which I'm sure will air in like the spring of 2017! Here's proof that MLP is in fact getting seventh season (And I mean it this time)