WARNING: This blog contains spoilers for the season 6 finale! If you do not wish to view my review and thoughts on this episode until the episode itself airs in the US on October 22, please proceed back to the previous page! You have been warned!

I just got to take a look at the season 6 finale "To where and back again", and let me just say, HOO-WEE! That was one heck of a roller coaster ride! Where do I even begin? From the starting point of part one of course!

We see Twilight, Starlight, and Spike taking boxes filled with old books from the attic (Question, since when did the castle of friendship have an attic?) when suddenly, Twilight notices Spike looking out the window, unsure of what he sees. Then we see Derpy zipping right into the castle to deliver a letter to Starlight. (Horray for fan service!) Starlight sees that it comes from the ponies at her old village, inviting her to the sunset festivle. I really love how she says it like it's a bad thing (At least in her mind)

Starlight goes to the festivle, and sees Double Diamond and Party Favor, surprised to see she showed up. Now here's where things start to get freaky. They tear up her party invitation and all the villigers start laughing at her in a rather creepy way. Notice if you pause at the right time when the screen focuses on Double Diamond and Party Favor laughing at starlight, you'll see Party Favor make that popular "But I didn't listen" face for a brief half of a second.


Starlight gets terrified and then suddenly realizes it's all just a dream. She sees Princess Luna appear in the fog to inform her that the mane six have helped her and that Starlight should be confident to have them as friends, and asks her to share her concerns with them. That's good because by the time she gets it off her chest, she probably won't be as nervous going to the festival afterwards.

We cut to the Castle of friendship where Starlight tells the mane 6 that she's nervous about going to the sunset festival, worried that the ponies there might not trust her. The mane 6 tell her that she shouldn't be nervous and to just go anyway. Twilight suggests that Starlight should bring a friend to keep her company (Cough Cough She wanted to go with her Cough Cough)

She chooses Trixie to go with her. Even after what happened in "No second prences", I think we can all agree that Twilight still doesn't trust Trixie, but I'm not sure why.

Starlight and Trixie head to the Sunset festivle, and as soon as they enter the festival, everypony there is asking her certain favors all at once, making Starlight and Trixie feel too overwhelmed. In all honety, if I was ever a situation like that, I'd probably be stressing out too. They leave the festival. Wow, that wan't even a minute in, and already they get so overwhelmed that they leave as soon as they entered.

On their way back, Trixie gives some advice to Starlight: "If you ever make a mistake, just move on and pretend it never happened". When they head back to Ponyville, they meet up Pinkie Pie, acting rather unusual, because when she hears that things didn't go too well, she says "That's awful" like she doens't care. Next they see Applejack and Rarity (Rarijack shipping intensifies), and when they hear the news, they just laugh hysterically (wow, sounds like they've got some sense of humour), and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash come in, telling Starlight and Trixie that they have "Important friendship biusness". Why did I put that in quotation marks. You can either read on to find out, or go back to the previous page.

When Starlight gets back to the Castle of friendship, Spike, to me, acts like Starlight's the old Starlight (You know, back when she thought that everypony should be equal.) and it's pretty mean, too. Twilight opens the door and when she is told about what happened, she acts rather unusual, telling her that it's okay and that she should never return to that village. You know, if Starlight felt like her old, equal self again every time she went to that village, I'd expect Twilight to say something like that. Here's where things REALLY start to biuld up by the way. Oh, and if you don't want to know what happens next until the epsiode airs in the US, you will want to leave now. This next part onward will COMPLETELY spoil the episode for you (if it hasn't already), and you'll know what the plot of the episode is. All those out except for me? Good. Don't say I didn't warn you.

We once again return to the village on a dark and foggy night, much like the last time, 10 minutes ago. We see the villigaers walking out of the doors, ignoring Starlight as she tries to speak to them. She then sees the mane 6, looking rather, oh how should I say...PEEVED to see her in the village again, after Twilight told her not to come back. When Starlight looks like she's doomed, they vanish and Princess Luna pops up in the moon to warn Starlight to get help from her friends ASAP, for, are you ready for this?

The CHANGELINGS are back!!! (Insert shock stock sound effect here)

Starlight goes to Trixie's wagon to wake her up and warn her that the Changelings have abducted her friends (The mane 6). I love what happens next by the way! Then, after figurung out that Queen Chrysalis is planning another attack, Thorax comes out of the bushes, and Trixie completely freaks out. Starlight seals her in a bubble to arrange things. The Discord, being the brony favorite he is, pops right out of the blue, and together, they team up to find the mane 6! But of course, Discord uses his teleportation powers to get to where they in the blink of an eye!

Some people might disagree with me, which is okay by me, but I really, really LOVE what's going on here. We get introduced to Starlight's nighmare TWICE, and some of Trixie's moments are enjoyable too. We get a reformed changeling, and a Draconequus being like the Genie from Disney's Alladin tagging along for a thrilling adventure! Sounds like a heart stoppin', jaw droppin', bone chillin', good time!

     Now here's part 2.

     When they see the changeling kingdom, they notice a forcefield surrounding it that's magic proof. So they have to save the mane 6 without using their magic. They each have a simple method to get past the other changelings. Because Thorax is one, he know the place better than Starlight, Trixie, and DIscord, so he was able to help them get around the place. When they come across a changeling army, Discord uses his comedy act to distract the guards. (And some may say that Discord's got a BAAAAD sense of humour) The others are able to get by. Then Discord sees Fluttershy crying, or at least that's what it looks like, because Discord doesn't fall for it, even though he cares for Fluttershy. Then he sees that he's surrounded by crying FLuttershy clones, who are clearly changelings. You wanna what I would do if I could edit anything about this part? I would make the Fluttershy clones background ponies instead I know that may sound like a streatch to some of you, but that IS what I'd do.

     Next we see Thorax, Trixie and Starlight worried about Discord. When he comes out, they follow him until he says to go left, in which Thorax tell Trixie and Starlight to go right instead. When this happens, Trixie uses her trick to capture the changeling. Then, Trixie gets captured, leaving Thorax and Starlight, who soon seperate for self defense after a swarm of Changelings comes toward them.

    Next, Starlight finds all her friends (Including those she teamed up with) being held hostage in cacoons. Queen Chrysalis comes along, looking as though she succeeded. When all seems to be lost, it turns out that Thorax had sacrificed himself for Starlight to save her friends. Pretty clever thinking. When Chrysalis sees this, she goes after Starlight, and Starlight tells her that Changelings DON'T need to feed off love for food. When Chrysais drains all the love from Thorax, Starlight suggests to give all of it to her, which the Changeling army joins in to do so and explodes the Changeling kingdom. This causes the changelings to turn into, what I'm gonna call "Space deer" because that's what they look like to me. Queen Chrysalis looks like she has a change of heart, but rejects and flees at the last second! Looks like she might be coming back again someday, folks. After everyone is rescued, and the Changelings are reformed, the Sunset festival is resumed and everypony is happy!

    On a scale of 1/10, how would I rate this episode? 10/10! Best season 6 finale ever! I'm so glad the brought Discord along for the ride, by the way. Even though only came along for the sake of Fluttershy, I'm glad the writers found a way to put him in the episode! And the JOKES! Ha! I'm not even gonna spoil ONE of them! Watch the episode yourself if you want a good laugh! But what really got me was the SUSPENSE! I was just as eager as everypony else to see what was gonna happen next! I'm so glad this episode came early in the UK on TinyPop! If that didn't happen, then we would've had to wait another 2 weeks!

     And as for my overall thoughts on season 6: 8/10. I thought most of the episodes were good, some however I found pretty boring. But otherwise, I think it's still great! And the season finale is so worth a watch!