Hello, my fellow readers!

My username is General Twilight Sparkle, but I go by "Gin." 

Lately, I have been thinking about making blogs about my general opinions about, well, anything that comes to my mind. The reason for these blogs is to create more awareness about certain issues I feel need to be discussed among the fandom or just anyone who is willing to read my blogs about these issues.

But first, I'm going to lay down the ground rules:

1). No one is obligated to read my blogs. If you feel you are uncomfortable about my opinions, do not read them.

2). Be respectful. If not, your comment will be deleted. Also, this blog applies to wiki rules.

3). I will only apply to comments I feel I need to comment on. Do not get upset if you feel like I am ignoring you.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Edit: Also, if you feel there is a certain topic that needs to be discussed or whatever, I may make a blog about it if I deem it interesting enough. But be warry, though, I'm not going to answer every question that is asked.