As more news about season 5 arrive I have started to notice a change in the shows perception. Just like our modern society, the shows theme changes from collectivism to individualism. If this is true there are remarkable opportunities for great episodes for the coming season.

We have all seen the episodes of season 1 and 2 (mainly) where the main focus was friendship and friendship lessons. However, as the show went on it started to get bolder in focusing on specific character development.

Turning Twilight into a princess is one major example of the show making a turn for focusing on individuals, but you can also see Rainbow Dash becoming a wonderbolt, Discord's reforming process, Scootalo's flight problems (which was a great episode in my opinion) as other examples.

I think season 5 will be the peak of that turn, the main theme being a pony's cutie mark is the ultimate turn for individualism, meaning greater character development. The season focusing on the CMC's cutie marks will most certainly add a lot to this season. From the promo of Applejack it is teased that there might be a test of hanging to your cutie mark, possibly to everypony of the mane 6.

Of course I have loved the first seasons of the show just like any brony but the turn to develop the characters more aside from just thier friendship makes the whole waiting for season 5 seem to be worth it even more.