Hey, everypony! This is Gj_6532, and I’m here to bring you another installment of Shipping Battles! Well, it appears that there are only two characters left in the Mane Six

that I still have yet to do a battle on, and clearly, I don’t see any point in bringing myself to a halt. So let’s not waste any time. Let’s jump right into it with our favorite farmer pony, Applejack!

While she doesn’t interest me as much as Rarity or Pinkie Pie, Applejack is still a very strong character, both physically and figuratively, in my book. She’s always come across to me as the most mature pony of the Mane Six. She’s very compassionate, has a real good appetite, excels in cooking and athletics, and most importantly, she works hard. I almost imagine her as a mother, or even a business pony, being able to manage many components of the farm (apple bucking, cleaning, cooking, fixing that busted water chute!), but also needing to be reminded that there are companions that are there to help her. Also, that accent is too damn awesome. But the question remains: who is the perfect partner for the orange earth pony?

First off we have the background character Caramel. I think ever since the beginning, fans have shipped him with Applejack like mad. In all honesty, I first didn’t see what all the buzz was about, since all we know about this character is that he once misplaced grass seeds. Then again, he’s at least said a word at some point during the series (looking at you, Pokey Pierce). But I’ll admit he does seem like a good stallion. He’s pretty handsome, and after reading the fanfic “Right in front of you” by Dr-J33, I can see a bit of a story happening between him and Applejack. So who would even dare to try and come between these two lovebirds?

Now I emphasize the word “try” to a great extent, because the opponent is this one is really much of a…trend. That’s right. Trenderhoof is up against Caramel in this week’s battle. Now, I will admit that the traveling writer does seem like the datable type. He has style, a way with words, inspiration, and a charming personality. I know he was depicted as kind of a bigot in “Simple Ways”, but I personally don’t antagonize him for that. In fact, I feel like it could add a bit to his character. So I don’t see how him and Applejack would be a complete disaster. It has potential.

Now I know it seems a bit ridiculous to compare Caramel’s relations to Applejack with Trenderhoof’s, seeing how there’s pretty much no competition, but hey. Does an army back down when it’s outnumbered? Well it should. But there’s nothing wrong with trying. So we’ll still battle, and use the same components as always, those being chemistry, compatibility, communication, compromise, and commitment, to see what kind of results we’ll get.

So now are we ready? No? Well too bad! Let’s get to it! This is Shipping Battles: Carajack vs Trenderjack!

Round 1: Chemistry

So we start off this hopefully equalized battle with the category of chemistry. This is the component that involves attraction. Whether they’re enchanting us in with their good looks or their quirky personalities, there’s no denying that allurement is what helps us to find the right partner. So now that leaves us wondering who is more attractive for Applejack.

Well, Caramel doesn’t really have a distinct look when you think about it. He shares the exact same design with Cherry Fizzy, Royal Riff, and Ace, just no name a few. However, that doesn’t mean his appearance isn’t appealing. I guess when you get down to it, it’s really the colors that complements the design of his mane and tail. Unlike somepony like, say Royal Riff, his mane goes well with the brownish shade it’s in, and that probably because it makes it more lifelike. His bluish eyes also comply with his tan coat, making for a legitimately cute appearance. Like I said, he doesn’t have a distinct design, but the way in which it’s presented makes it distinct.

Being a supporting character, Trenderhoof’s design is of course very distinct. Everything from his neat sweater and stylistic glasses, to his skinny figure, all the way to his cleanly lavished mane looks beautiful. Heck, even the mobile game acknowledges his good looks, describing him as “really, really handsome”. Simply put, this unicorn is pretty, well, pretty!

So with both of our stallions displaying alluring images, it all comes down to personality characteristics. If the character someone presents is intriguing enough to get you to want to see them more, you know for sure that there’s been some attraction. Now, I have to admit, Trenderhoof takes the cake here. If there’s anyone I wish to hang out with more, it’s someone who’s inspired. With someone as curious and motivated as this unicorn, I’ll be fascinated to know where this activation is going to lead him or her. What new adventures they’re going to write about; what new things they’re going to try; how he chooses to express the world he encounters; it all would be captivating to me.

Now, as we clearly bucking saw in “Simple Ways”, Trenderhoof immensely attracted to Applejack, much to her dismay. But despite Applejack not being terribly interested in Trenderhoof, I do feel as if she would really find him appealing if she got to know him more. She had no idea who he was until Rarity mentioned him, so perhaps when he’s not appearing to be infatuated over her like a creepazoid, he’ll be likely to really grow on her.

So yeah, guys. Believe it or not, there’s actually an aspect that Trenderhoof beats Caramel in. Sorry, but this unicorn has a personality that’s far more intriguing, and far more alluring. Who knows? Maybe Trenderhoof has a chance in this battle after all. 

Point goes to Trenderjack.

Carajack: 0

Trenderjack: 1

Round 2: Compatibility

Now it’s time to venture into the next category: compatibility. If you’re going to be in a romantic relationship, you and your partner are gonna have to share things in common. These include interests, goals, beliefs, hobbies, you name it. With that said, it’s time to see who is more compatible with Applejack. 

Let’s first take a look at how much Trenderhoof has in common with Applejack. He’s an egotistic traveling writer who enjoys a life of popularizing fads, while she’s a strong-willed, hard-working farm pony who appreciates a simplistic lifestyle. Yeah, when you get down to it, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Now let’s look at Caramel. He’s a pony who also acquires a studious behavior. As stated in the collectable card game, he’s described as a stallion who’ll put in ten hours of farm work and still have a smile on his face by the end. Call me crazy, but somepony who would be willing to endure in a hard days work sounds much more like Applejack. Sure, Caramel is a background pony, and we haven’t had much interaction with him on the show, but I guess it goes to show that he still has some canon personality!

So yeah, a little expected, but Caramel tops Trenderhoof in this round. With his willingness to work hard and never give up, he’s clearly more similar to Applejack, and that clearly means he has more to share with the orange earth pony. How do you like them apples?

Point goes to Caramel.

Carajack: 1

Trenderjack: 1

Round 3: Communication

So now we’ve entered the round of communication. What relationship would be functional without both parties being able to talk and listen to each other, acknowledge each other’s problems or daily activities, or even offer feedback or insight? That’s right. No relationship. So which stallion can converse better with Applejack?

Well, it goes without saying that Trenderhoof and Applejack have little to no good communication. When the two of them were socially interacting with one another in “Simple Ways”, Applejack had nearly no interest in what Trenderhoof had to say. When Trenderhoof would talk about his intentions for writing and the style he would do it in, it seemed as if she was not captivated by his bloated talk at all. She had no motivation to give him proper feedback, and thus, all he could to converse was just admire her beauty or say things that would just impress her, like that rare apple he ate four times. Yeah, you do know there’s a Rarity waiting for you right around the corner, right pal? 

Caramel has only interacted with Applejack once, and it was when the Apples ran out of cider. Yeah, I’m sure that was a pleasant conversation. But once again, seems like the type that Applejack would more likely work off of properly. Because of his cheerful attitude and eagerness to go through difficult labor, I can picture them working together on the fields, corresponding with one another about business techniques, conversing with each other about apple bucking or field plowing, offering new ideas for getting in a good day’s work more efficiently. Together, they would make a great team. Before you know it, they’ll be selling cider ten times faster without the help of some silly competition that would risk the entire farm and everything that it stands for. 

The credit here definitely goes to Caramel, because when you get down to it, what would you want to interact with more. What kind attitude would you converse with more easily. Cheerful or egotistic? Optimistic or boastful? Yeah, I thought so. 

Point goes to Carajack.

Carajack: 2 

Trenderjack: 1

Round 4: Compromise'

So now we’ve been brought to the category of compromise. Obviously in any relationship, romantic or not, you can’t and won’t always get what you want. You will need to negotiate with the other party on certain terms. So now that raises the question of who can work out a solution more conveniently with Applejack.

Now at first, I actually thought of giving this point to Trenderhoof, seeing how in “Simple Ways”, he sacrificed his chances of being with Applejack, which ultimately made her feel more comfortable. Then again, however, I did some thinking and realized how little sense it actually made. How would Trenderhoof giving up his chances of romantically bonding with Applejack really prove how much he could be with her? How would that make him one step closer to becoming her boyfriend? Sure, he’s satisfying her, but how will that benefit him? What would he get in return? He would be getting nowhere! It doesn’t seem like that negotiation would pay off for both sides, now would it?

Now despite how cheerful Caramel has been described to be in the collectable card game, I could still imagine him and Applejack getting into some squabbles with each other if they were to be together. I mean, you’re running a business. A business for crying out loud! Not everything is going to be sunshine and ice cream. There will ultimately have to be some hardships to endure if you’ll want to know what strategy works best. While I can see Applejack and Caramel working very efficiently together, I can also believe that they will embark on some quarrels that the two will need to mediate with in order to formulate the best solution. His cheerfulness and her motivation will bring everything back around once more, and the solution they eventually come up with will work out for the better. That sounds the most logical and believable. 

So yes, as you’d expect, Caramel once again tops Trenderhoof in the battle. Not only is he likely to undergo more squabbles with Applejack, but also he’s more than likely to come out with better results. Boy, team Trenderjack is really taking a beating, isn’t it?

Point goes to Carajack. 

Carajack: 3

Trenderjack: 1

Round 5: Commitment

So fillies and germs, we’ve reached the fifth and final round of the battle: commitment. As I’ve stated in my other battles, what makes for good commitment is your willingness to learn more about yourself. When you begin a relationship with another being, you’re ultimately going to learn more things about yourself, that being what skills you have in a relationship, what you need to work on, just to name a few. When you commit to a relationship, you commit to learning more about who you are, and what there is to accomplish, a step in which I find to be very big. So that establishes the utmost question: who would be more committed to Applejack?

Well, after reading “Right in Front of You”, I got a pretty good idea of how both Caramel and Applejack would flourish. Throughout the story, Caramel works extremely hard not only on Sweet Apple Acres, but also to win Applejack’s affection. When his fortitude is challenged, he’s reminded of the hard-working, devoted stallion he truly is. With the help of Lucky Clover, Big Mac, and even Granny Smith’s support, he remembers his own willpower; how bold he is; how much capability he really has. Spending the rest of his life with Applejack would prove how much pain and inconvenience he’s inclined to endure, just to experience those happy moments that occur after the inevitable burdens. The same goes for Applejack. We know how strong she is, both mentally and physically. We know she can sustain a lot, but staying faithful to Caramel would prove to be a challenge, one that I believe she can overcome.

I stumble into this problem a lot, but again, I can’t think of how Trenderhoof would triumph over any obstacles if he were to be with Applejack. My best guess is that he would learn how to not display his ego so much, but I can’t even see how that would work. Sure he’s a stallion that has a few things to learn, but Applejack doesn’t seem like the right pony to help him with that. Speaking of which, how the buck would Applejack grow as a pony?! If I were to take a guess, she would learn how to put up with a hotaired unicorn who shoves his infatuation down your throat more frequently than when you gobble up apples for as long as you live! Yeah, thanks a lot, life! That was really worth understanding!

Caramel and Applejack are two ponies with great strength and solid endurance. They’re both willing to put up with a lot of challenges everyday. However, the idea of having to give yourself completely to a loved one for a long period of time is the greatest challenge of all to experience. It’s greater than running a farm, and it’s especially greater than bucking apples. And I’ll bet it’s one that they’ll be pleased to take.

So the point goes to Carajack, which means that Carajack is the winner of this week’s Shipping Battles!

Carajack: 4

Trenderjack: 1

So yeah, I know this one felt like no competition, but hey, if Epic Rap Battles can have the Easter Bunny square off against Genghis Khan, then I can compare Caramel and Trenderhoof. Speaking of which, I don’t find Trenderhoof to be completely undatable. He’s pretty handsome and has an interesting personality. Plus, while he does have an ego, it’s not as harmful as Prince Blueblood’s or Trixie’s. Now the final thing I’ll point out here is that this is all opinion based, and if you think Trenderjack makes for a better pairing (and trust me: I know that there’s a lot of you who think so), that’s absolutely fine. Why?

Because Carajack may have won the battle, but it is still fighting the war!!!

Thank you all so much for reading. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms of any kind, just be sure to leave them down below. Thank you all and I bid farewell for now!