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Hey, everypony! It’s Gj_6532 with another installment of Shipping Battles. You know, it’s come to my attention that neither of the battles I’ve done so far have featured only ponies. The first one was with a dragon while the second one was with a…sort of dragon. Well I’m eager to say that this week is our first all pony Shipping Battle. And what two shippings are better to start off with than ones involving everyone’s favorite party pony, Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie Pie is…well, Pinkie. She almost reminds me of Tigger, with her eccentric personality, hyperactive speech, fourth wall breaks that defy logic, and, of course, her need to party. If you look up eccentric in the dictionary, you will find a picture of her face right next to it. If not, then Webster seriously needs to be updated. In fact, I feel like out of all six ponies, she would be the most interesting to meet, and that’s how you know you’ve come across a great character in any fictional work. Being my next favorite pony, I found it sensible to make her this week’s focus. And boy do we have a good one today.

In one corner, we have the background pony Royal Pin, otherwise known as Pokey Pierce. Now going into this SB, I had no idea what this unicorn was like. I didn’t know his interests, personality, or flaws. Heck, I didn’t even know what his damn cutie mark meant. Luckily, though, I had the Equestrian Dawn wiki to help me out and give more information about the stallion. Judging by his character profile, it seems that his persona is quite fitting with Pinkie’s. I mean, they look pretty good together, and plenty of fans do agree on their pairing. So obviously, they’re destined to be together, right?

Enter Cheese Sandwich. I have to say that this orange Earth pony was barrels of fun to watch when he made his first appearance in “Pinkie Pride”, and having him voiced by Weird Al was just the icing on the cake. But what my caught my attention even more was how quickly the fans were pairing him up with Pinkie after the episode aired. It almost makes perfect sense for him to pair up with Pinkie. They both think and act on the same level, and combining their party planning skills makes for much extravagance.

Both of these offbeat ponies would make for super duper great at being Pinkie’s partner, but which of them would be better? The costume designer or the other party planner? Well, just like usual, the only way to decide this is to look at the five c’s of relationships: chemistry, compatibility, communication, compromise, and commitment. With these qualities, we’ll which of these stallions will take the cake in the end.

Now that we’re keen on the rules, let’s get this party started! This is Shipping Battles: CheesePie vs PokeyPie!

Round 1: Chemistry

Now here’s a category that’ll be interesting to start off with: best chemistry. This is the one that involves attraction, both physical and non-physical. Not only will looks be judged, but personality characteristics will come in to play as well. So now that raises the question: who would have better chemistry with Pinkie Pie?

Well, let’s talk physical attraction first. Appearance wise, Pokey Pierce surpasses Cheese Sandwich. With his dignified mane and healthy figure, he gives off the feeling of a very profound stallion, which is something I think even Pinkie would find alluring. Cheese Sandwich’s appearance is much thinner, and nothing appealing enough. In fact, this may not be that big a deal, but I think he does look a little too much like Pinkie Pie. I mean, if I found someone who looked dangerously similar to me, and they weren’t even my twin, I’d be more creeped out rather than attracted.

So now there’s personality traits, which can be just as alluring as physical qualities. Now in these terms, Cheese Sandwich tops Pokey Pierce. Why? Because he has one of the most important qualities you can find in a special someone: a good sense of humor. Cheese Sandwich has an outstanding one. He even has a great sense of fun and enjoyment as well. He plays the accordion, he rides a hippo, he orchestrates a freakin’ seal to play the horn. He’s barrels of fun. As we clearly saw in “Pinkie Pride”, Pinkie Pie seems to appreciate a lot about that quality.

Pokey Pierce has some attractive traits as well, but others that don’t have much appeal. His need to add excitement into the dull and tasteless is makes for an interesting stallion, and he’s even good with children, which is another trait women find attractive about men. However, his need to be rigid during a frightened state can turn someone off and not make for a pleasant sight. While he has better looks, it doesn’t compensate for the lack of strong allurement he has in terms of his personality. What Cheese Sandwich lacks in good looks, he makes up for with a good personality. One that can get anyone who encounters him sucked into a conversation that can go anywhere! Clearly, his humor and special ability to entertain is worth seeing again, especially for Pinkie Pie.

Point goes to CheesePie.

CheesePie: 1

PokeyPie: 0

Round 2: Compatibility

Now it’s time to venture into the next category: compatibility. This is the one that involves similar interests, goals, talents, beliefs, you name it. So now it’s time to answer who is more compatible with Pinkie Pie.

Now, you’d think that because Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie have equally similar interests, they are destined to be together. Heck, that’s exactly why people are shipping then in the first place. But think back to what I said in my Shipping Battles about Fancity vs Sparity. In that post, I said that while Fancy Pants and Rarity do share similar qualities, they offer each other very different ones as well. That’s what makes it more interesting for them to interact with one another. In fact, there’s even an episode of 30 Rock titled “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell”, where Liz and Jenna decide to find a new best friends after parting ways with each other. They both find people who are exactly like them, and when they think that they’ll be besties, they find that they needs opposites to work off of them if they’re gonna have interesting relationships. While too much contrast can lead to a short lasting relationship, the same can be said for too much affinity. That’s always been my biggest problem with CheesePie. It’s great that they share so much in common, but they almost have nothing new and exciting to offer to each other. Without a little bit of difference, their relationship could be less exciting than a party. No excitement, no imagination, and no adventure. 

That’s where I’m gonna give the point to PokeyPie. He has a personality that really fits with Pinkie’s, but varies at the same time. He loves to let loose when there’s a dry atmosphere, and interest in designing costumes can contribute to his quirky ways. At the same time, however, his calm and sternness is very much unlike Pinkie’s persona. Seeing it clash with her excitable qualities would be a real treat, and would help Pinkie Pie turn down her overjoyed state when she needs to. And her exhilaration and silliness can help him subside his strict state when he needs to. While they are the same in some areas, they’re still different in others. Having both contrast and affinity in a relationship is extremely important. Resemblance can outweigh divergence, but the two should always make room for each other, and something PokeyPie is able to show.

Point goes to PokeyPie.

CheesePie: 1 

PokeyPie: 1

Round 3: Communication

Now it’s time to focus on the next important quality in a relationship: communication. This is the quality that involves showing interest in your partner’s daily activities, sharing thoughts, offering advice, everything of that nature. So now it’s time to figure out who would communicate better with Pinkie Pie.

Well one thing we know for certain is that Pinkie can be a very good listener. She’s always offering insight and interesting ideas to problems, whether they’d be as awesome as writing a rap number, or as crazy as posing as a fortune teller for when your friend is worrying about the future, or even as thoughtful as giving a cranky donkey a full head of hair, or a another donkey who just be his special one. Clearly, she’s full of ideas that are just waiting to be released.

The reason I elaborate on this is because I feel that’s where Cheese Sandwich earns the point. Him and Pinkie think on the same level, and because he’s a creative pony like her, he can offer as many ideas to a situation or topic as humanly conceivable. You know you’ve found a good listener when you have someone who can offer new insight and perspective. In Pinkie Pride, when him and Pinkie finally decided to collaborate on Rainbow Dash’s party, you could clearly see the communication between them; how much they had to work together to bring Rainbow Dash the best celebration she could ever imagine, and the synergy easily shows. If that’s not evidence of a good link, I don’t know what is.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest here, but the reason I’m not giving the point to Pokey Pierce is because I honestly can’t think of how he would be a good communicator, nor a bad one. I tried to figure out how having an on-again-off-again carefree attitude would correlate to how well you can speak with your partner, but I can’t seem to make the connection. Maybe it’s the fact that Pokey has never had an actual speaking role on the show before, but an idea of how he would communicate with Pinkie is just not popping up.

I guess it may be a little unfair since we’ve seen Cheese Sandwich actually interact with other characters on the show, but still, his super ability of ideation could really come in handy for when conversing with him. So credit’s due where credit’s due.

Point goes to CheesePie.

CheesePie: 2

PokeyPie: 1 

Round 4: Compromise

Now it’s come to the fourth category: best compromise. In a relationship, you’re not always going to get what you want. More often than not, you’ll have to put your partner’s needs before your own. With that said, it’s time to determine which stallion would be willing to do that more for Pinkie.

Well, since it’s said that one side of Pokey Pierce’s family is from Canterlot society and the other is from Ponyville, I would have said that giving up his Canterlot status would be considered a sacrifice. However, since it was also stated that he eventually stayed with his Ponyville lifestyle, it really feels like sacrifice is out of the question. However, I still feel like he has a little bit of Canterlot tendencies inside of him. He presents sternness during an alarmed state, which is a common characteristic within Canterlot society. He also responds to someponies calling him Lulamoon when they are of high-class. While he’s more comfortable with Ponyville lifestyle, he does seem to have some upper class characteristics. Now when you take someone like Pinkie, who is the exact opposite of formal and sophisticated, and pair her up with Pokey, you might get something to work off of in terms of compromise. I mean, with Pokey still having somewhat of a status in Canterlot, he could still renounce his manageability to be referred to as a high-class unicorn, which he doesn’t particularly enjoy, for his love for Pinkie. Perhaps Pokey’s poise and Pinkie’s craziness could for a chance of contradiction, and they might have to work out a way to live with each of their differing aspects. That’s a huge possibility I’m open to.

As for Cheese Sandwich, well, I don’t see anything that could possibly be given up. I mean, I guess he has his promise to spread fun and partying across Equestria, but you know, that could end very soon. After a while, there could be no other place to venture to, and could settle down once the mission is accomplished. Maybe him and Pinkie would argue on what party decorations to hang up, but will have to come to a negotiation, but that just seems like a little thing. I don’t know. It all seems pretty vague. Like Big Mac, he doesn’t really have anything to lose. Nothing really to adjust to and thus no way to learn how you can’t always get your way.

Both of these stallions have virtually everything they need, and are pretty capable of agreeing with Pinkie Pie on anything. But with Pokey Pierce, I see more likelihood for negotiation. What he has to concede is more personal to him, and giving it up would show a huge appreciation for who Pinkie is and how much he wants the two of them to get along. The more there’s opportunity, the better.

Point goes to PokeyPie.

CheesePie: 2

PokeyPie: 2

Round 5: Commitment

And now it all comes down to this: best commitment. As I’ve stated before, what makes this quality so important is that it brings out the inadequate aspects within yourself and looks to confront and triumph over them. Over time, as you continue to love and grow close to an individual, your true colors begin to show and while they may be unpleasant to acknowledge, they prove what you may be struggling with inside, how willing your partner is to accept them, and how they can help you conquer them. With that being said, who can commit to Pinkie Pie more?

Well, I’m sorry to say this, but Pokey Pierce wins easily in this round. He clearly has more flaws to display than Cheese Sandwich. He confuses surreal with truth; he has a curt speech; he loses confidence around ponies who he finds smarter than him. There’s so much about him that’s flawed. And that’s what makes him more realistic. That’s what gives him believability. That how one could invest in him. Pokey Pierce is a great stallion who wants to bring joy and happiness to Equestria, whether it’s through his costumes or his attitude. Yet he remains impaired inside. We want to see him succeed. We want to see him learn. Pinkie Pie could be there to bring him around and teach him how to confront his demons and defeat them. With how much energy she has, I bet the encouragement she offers would be more than powerful. And who knows? Maybe Pokey’s sternness could even remind Pinkie when it’s time to get serious; when partying is not appropriate. She may struggle to adjust to that, but Pokey could be able to assist her in that department.

As for Cheese Sandwich, there really is nothing clear for him to learn. It doesn’t appear he has any flaws. There’s nothing to learn from; nothing to confront; no demons to bring out and fight. It seems like he has his life in order. That doesn’t make him unrealistic, but just not as lifelike as Pokey.

With Pokey, I can see an actual journey happening. There’s tons for him to gain and for Pinkie Pie to help him with, vise-versa. They both have a lot to learn from; a lot to battle; a lot to confront; a lot to defeat for the better, and they’re both willing to help each other through thick and thin. With that, Pokeypie gets the point, which means PokeyPie is the winner of this week’s Shipping Battles!

CheesePie: 2

PokeyPie: 3 

Honestly, this was a hard one to write. You have one stallion that’s had only one speaking role, and another who’s never even spoken at all. But with that said, I’m glad that I finally came out with some good results.

Now keep in mind that I don’t discourage CheesePie. I think they have the possibility to form a strong pairing. But like I said, the two of them have way too much in common and don’t really have anything fresh to teach each other. I can see PokeyPie leading more to a journey, at least one more exciting. But that’s just me. And also acknowledge that this is all subjective, and that you can favor either shipping you want.

Which means that PokeyPie may have won the battle, but it is still fighting the war!!!

Thank you all so much for reading. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms of any kind, just be sure to leave them down below. Thank you all and I bid farewell for now!