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Hey, everypony! It’s Gj_6532 with a special edition of Shipping Battles. Well, at this point, I’ve gone through every member of the Mane Six expect for one. It all comes down to this. And who else was best to save for last than the show’s main protagonist, Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight is adorkable. End of story. Aside from that, I also have to give her credit for expressing so much passion for learning and staying devoted to studying. I’m practically jealous of her. I can barely survive my classes! Most importantly, she’s a princess with a heart of gold who’s willing to save Equestria. Today, however, I intend to do something that’s riskier than defeating a centaur, or protecting an empire, or saving your brother from marrying an evil queen: I’m pitting her closest from the Equestria Girls movies against each other in the ultimate Shipping Battles.

So first up, we have the guitar-playing Pegasus himself, Flash Sentry. I remember when the first Equestria Girls came out, ninety percent of the fanbase hated this guy. Obviously, it’s not hard to see why. He has no flaws, no personality, is too good looking, and only exists to be Twilight’s romantic interest. I dare even call him the textbook definition of a Mary Stu. While the infamy of his character is still at large, it seems as if many fans are beginning to tolerate the orange stallion. So who knows? Maybe people are growing to like his relationship with Twilight after all.

Well, what if I told you that his opponent for this week’s Shipping Battles was not only a girl, but also his ex-girlfriend? Da-da-da! That’s right. Sunset Shimmer is going up against Flash in the battle, and I must say, he has some pretty stiff competition. While many villains on the show like Luna, Discord, and even freakin’ Diamond Tiara, have been redeemed, it’s Sunset’s heel face turn that fans gravitate towards the most. I love the idea of Sunset correcting the error of her ways revolves much around her character, and Twilight & Co. helping her overcome her insecurities and former life as a bully makes for some heartwarming material. With Twilight guiding Sunset in the right direction, it surely suggests a possible closer bond.

So this is it. Two Equestria Girls characters. Two foils of Ms. Twilight Sparkle. One boy. One girl. Only one winner. As always, we’ll use the five key components for maintaining a good long-term relationship (chemistry, compatibility, communication, compromise, commitment) and see which of our two competitors will be better suited for our devoted purple pony princess.

Which ray of light will outshine the other? Well it’s time to go and find out! This is Shipping Battles: Flashlight vs Sunlight!

Round 1: Chemistry

So first up, we have the round of chemistry. This is the aspect that involves attraction; captivation; any quality that urges you to see that person (or in this case, pony) again. So with that said, which of these two has shown to have more chemistry with Twilight?

Well unfortunately, I think we all know who wins this round, but just for the hell of it, let’s do the analysis anyway.

Flash Sentry without a doubt has magnificent chemistry with Twilight. Every time they lock eyes, their cheeks flame faster than Shosanna’s pile of film reel. Now to be honest, as underdeveloped Flash is, he does have some handsome looks. Everything from his fashion sense to his hairstyle is enough to get the ladies running up to him with their lids fluttering. 

Now it seems kind of weird to be comparing a boy and girl in terms of attractiveness, but as I’ve stressed before, the review must go on. Now Sunset does have a decent appeal to her, with her cowbow boots, her undone hair (I don’t know hairstyles, okay?), and that chill-ass leather jacket. I ain’t gonna lie when I say she’s a cutie pie.

As I’ve said before, attraction doesn’t solely come from appearance, but also from personality. The individual you interact with should give an impression that’s captivating enough to get you to want to see them again. I wouldn’t consider Sunset’s personality entirely attractive, but her ambition, intellect, and desire for redemption is enough to make her intriguing. Besides, it’s a goddamn personality to begin with! As for Flash, he’s kind,…yeah I got nothing.

Now, normally this would give Sunset Shimmer the advantage, but seeing how Twilight has shown more attraction towards Flash Sentry, it’s only fitting that he takes the cake here.

Point goes to Flashlight.

Flashlight: 1

Sunlight: 0

Round 2: Compatibility

Next, we have the category of compatibility. This is the one that has to do with similarities. It’s easier to interact with someone who shares common interests, goals, talents, beliefs, you name it. So now that leads to the determination of who resembles Twilight more.

Now to his little credit, Flash Sentry does have a wee bit in common with our leading lady. He’s kind and is willing to do good. See? There’s a similarity. Like I said, it’s nothing much, but it’s still something. Anything! But other than his kindness, he virtually has nothing else in common with Twilight. Excluding kindness, his persona only extends to his guitar-playing skills, which aren’t fully explored either. Unless Twilight starts playing the instrument in the Rainbooms, I don’t think we have anywhere else to start.

Then we have Sunset Shimmer. Even though she once served as Twilight’s foil, she eventually transformed into a kind-hearted girl who’s intent on learning all there is to learn about friendship. Sound familiar to anyone? Exactly. Sunset and Twilight are both hard-working students who are eager to gain knowledge about friendship, and share it with anyone and everyone they encounter. They have new ideas about friendship and bonding with others to share with each other, and they’re both ambitious enough to offer these new notions. In fact, this sense of harmony is especially evident in Rainbow Rocks, when the two girls talk about wanting to please everybody, but struggling to do so. That’s honestly the most genuine moment I’ve seen in all three Equestria Girls movies, and it really shows how similar their internal conflicts are.

Sorry Flash, but this is another place where your lack of identity bites you in the butt. Compared to you, Sunset is far more complementary to Twilight, with her hard work, ambition, and knowledge about friendship. Clearly, that’s enough to earn a point.

Point goes to Sunlight 

Flashlight: 1

Sunlight: 1

Round 3: Communication

Up next, we have communication to focus on. When you’re in a relationship, especially a romantic one, you’ll clearly have to interact with them a lot. This will involve talking about your daily schedules and routines, telling each other your problems, offering feedback, giving advice, etc. So this begs the question of who can converse better with Twilight.

What has Twilight ever talked about with Flash Sentry? How much she bumps into him, dancing at the Fall Formal, and being back in time for Battle of the Bands. That’s really what they talk about. Don’t believe me. Watch the movies, or even look up the transcripts online. You’ll find that there’s really not much they talk about. Maybe it’s because they needed more time to establish other plot points, but for a romantic subplot, it’s pretty weak. The two have had little time to discuss anything with one another, so it’s hard to pick apart how efficiently they can speak to each other.

Now there’s Sunset Shimmer. Once again, she dominates Flash easily. Her and Twilight have had much better conversations throughout the trilogy: discussing each other’s problems, and trying to figure out the best solutions for them. Once again, this can be noticed in Rainbow Rocks, when Twilight is ashamed of not having all the answers to the problem, but Sunset reassures her that while nobody is suppose to have all the right answers, your friends can help you find them. Now that’s a good and heartwarming moral, and while Twilight does reveal this stress to the rest of the Mane Six, it still shows Twilight expressing herself towards Sunset and Sunset efficiently offering advice. Twilight has always given Sunset the tips on being a true friend, but Sunset finally lending some knowledge to Twilight really shows how both of them can communicate with one another, and proves how much Sunset has learned from Twilight thus far.

Apologies to Flashie, but Sunset has conferred with Twilight in a more engaging light, and it surely is enough to secure her the lead.

Point goes to Sunlight.

Flashlight: 1

Sunlight: 2

Round 4: Compromise

So now, my friends, it’s time for the round of compromise. Surely enough, you’re not always going to get what you want in a relationship. You will have to negotiate with your partner about certain quarrels and come up with the most workable solution that’ll suit both of you. With that said, which of these two can agree with Twilight better?

Well, yet again, this is where Flash Sentry’s character, if there’s any at all, does him no good. Because he’s given no identity beyond good looks and a guitar string, I have no idea what Flash would have to negotiate with Twilight. They have nothing to fight about, nothing to disagree on, nothing to work out. I mean, there needs to be disagreement somewhere. That’s how you learn that you can’t always have what you want; that your needs sometimes need to go after others’. With Flashlight, I don’t know where the compromise would come into play. 

Now with Sunset Shimmer, I can see a lot of compromise happening between her and Twilight. Because she’s a former bully, there’s a lot she has to learn while going through her reformation. However, there are a lot of actions she still hasn’t picked up, and Twilight will have to teach her what manners are acceptable and what ones are not. Sunset will be very resistant towards these changes at first, but will accept that it’s for the sake of getting better. This flexibility will come into play a lot more as Twilight teaches her about friendship skills. And who knows? Maybe Twilight will learn that Sunset has a few quirks that she might have to be more tolerant of. The possibilities are endless.

So yeah, at this point, Sunset Shimmer is leaving the poor Flash Sentry in the dust. But it’s true. Sunset and Twilight have a lot more possible struggles to overcome, and that’s what makes for a believable. So credit’s due where credit’s due.

Point goes to Sunlight.

Flashlight: 1

Sunlight: 3

Round 5: Commitment

And now we’ve reached the final point of the battle: commitment. As I’ve stressed time and time again, when you commit to a relationship, you’re committing to learning more about yourself. The more you bond with this person, this individual that your vow to spend a long time with, your open to learning more about yourself, not just as a lover, but as a human being as well. And that’s what it is: learning. So the question is: who can be more committed to Twilight Sparkle?

Well, guess what? I can’t tell you what Flash Sentry can learn from being with Twilight. Why? Because he has no personality! One of the most important aspects that you can have as an individual is a flaw or flaws, and Flash has never presented that in any of the three films. Humans aren’t pitch perfect. They have flaws. They need to have flaws. They need to know what to work on or what needs to be overcome. That’s what life is all about: overcoming conflict. Flash has no conflict to overcome. He’s something that doesn’t need fixing, or can’t be fixed. And what would Twilight have to learn from him? That it’s possible for her to have a boyfriend? Well that the best I can come up with!

As you’d expect, Sunset Shimmer knocks it out of the ballpark here. Her character is all about learning. She’s learning how to escape her past; learning how to build her future; learning how to gain more knowledge about friendship; learning to, well, learn! With her wisdom and guidance, Twilight has taught Sunset the true meaning of friendship, or has at least taught her a good amount so far. You can even argue that Twilight guiding Sunset is helping her become a good teacher, and someone to look up to. As a princess, she could really exercise those abilities. In fact, the third Equestria Girls movie manages to show us how much Sunset has gained about friendship, and how she uses this newly found knowledge to fight off the temporary Sci-Twi and lead her down the right path. If that doesn’t prove growth, then I don’t know what does! 

Many condolences to dear old Flash Sentry, but Sunset is still dominant here. She has a lot to learn from Twilight, has learned a lot from her, and it’s entirely possible for Twilight to learn something from Sunset. Once again, anything is possible.

So that means the point goes to Sunlight, which means that Sunlight is the winner of this week’s Shipping Battles! 

Flashlight: 1

Sunlight: 4

When I first began typing this, I thought it was gonna be hard, seeing how Flashlight has increased in popularity recently. But when I got down to it, there were so many areas that Flash Sentry fell short in due to his lack of personality. I mean, I guess you can say that this shows why personality, even in a relationship, is key. It shows that there’s room for development. I don’t see any of that with Flash. Instead, he only exists to make Twilight look good, and give her a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend. For Christ-sake, Trenderjack looks like a more workable pairing than these two. Yeah, that’s right. That’s how much I don’t believe in Flashlight. Maybe if they gave Flash more personality, just like they could’ve all along, then maybe the pairing would be more tolerable. But a character can’t exist just to make another look good. It’s annoying, wasteful, and insincere. With that said, Sunset Shimmer can work as an actual partner for Twilight. They share similar interests and goals, and Sunset has learned a lot from Twilight in terms of becoming a better individual. While it would still work out as just a friendship, I can still see the possibility of a romance. Well, at least compared to Flash Sentry.

And that’s what you should keep in mind: it’s all what I think. If you believe that Flash (somehow) has enough persona to be Twilight’s partner, that’s fine by me. This is all just my opinion. So don’t try to get incredibly defensive about what you suits your taste.

Because Sunlight may have won the battle, but it is still fighting the war!!!

I might be taking some time off from the Shipping Battles. I have plenty of school work to focus on, and it might take a little while for me to formulate the appropriate schedule. But until then, what Shipping Battles do you want to see? Do you have a favorite character that you wonder who’s the perfect partner for them? I’d be really eager to know.

Thank you all so much for reading. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms of any kind, just be sure to leave them down below. Thank you all and I bid farewell for now!