Hey, everypony! It’s Gj_6532 here, and welcome to another installment of Shipping Battles! Well, at this point, I’ve 

reached the halfway point in writing Shipping Battles for each of the Mane Six, and I don’t see any need to stop now. So let’s move on two our next match! This one centers on a very cool pony in particular. She’s certainly brash and moves with a flash, it’s everyone’s favorite champ, Rainbow Dash!

If there’s anypony out of the Mane Six that I’d have to pick as my least favorite, it would have to be Rainbow Dash. Now, that’s not to say that I hate her. I have no problem with her at all. In fact, I think all six ponies are exceedingly strong characters. However, I just don’t think she’s as interesting when compared to the other five. But despite that, I do find a lot about her to admire. Her chill attitude, her determination, and though it can get excessive sometimes, I think even her ego is something worth giving credit to. If there were anyone I’d want to motivate me into doing something, anything, it’d be Rainbow Dash. With that said, we’re going to figure out with Pegasus pony is worthy of being RD’s special someone.

First up, we have member of the Wonderbolts acrobatics group, Soarin. There are a lot of things that confuse me about Soarin, from his strange obsession with pies, to his bagged eyes that he continually shows up with in every episode, unlike every other Wonderbolt, to even his voice, which is...just too weird for me to describe. Despite all of that, I find him to be an all around cool stallion. I appreciate his devotion to his team, and his need to be hysterical, while still displaying a sense of earnestness every now and then. Much like Rainbow Dash! It’s no wonder why he’s the one fans ship Rainbow Dash with the most. So clearly, no one else can come between the two, right?

But what if I were to tell you that his opponent for today’s battle was yet another member of the Wonderbolts? Specifically, its captain?! Yep, that’s right. Spitfire happens to be the next pony people find themselves pairing with the blue Pegasus. Honestly, it’s not hard to see why. It’s always surprised me how laidback Spitfire is for a team captain. She presents a cool attitude, but like Soarin, exhibits a strict demeanor when necessary. Though I didn’t like hearing about her supposed character derailment in “Rainbow Falls”, I’m willing to move past that quarrel and still view her as an acceptable Pegasus pony and a respectable leader.

But if you think she was against her own teammate then, just imagine how hectic it will be for them to go head to head in this next clash. It’s Wonderbolt versus Wonderbolt, and only one will top the other. So who will it be? Well as usual, we’ll determine the winner by looking at the five components of a good relationship: chemistry, compatibility, communication, compromise, and commitment.

Now that there’s an understanding of the rules, let’s have this competition take off, and may the best Wonderbolt win! This is Shipping Battles: SoarinDash vs SpitDash!

Round 1: Chemistry

So first up, we have the element of chemistry. This is the one that’s all about attraction. Not only will these ponies be judged on their looks, but on their personality traits as well. So now that raises the question of who is more alluring to Rainbow Dash.

Well, it is kind of weird to be comparing a mare and a stallion it terms of appearances. However, I guess I have to say that physically, Soarin has the upper hoof. I mean, if you were to take both of their faces, and place them side-by-side, you’d probably find Soarin’s to be a lot more charming than Spitfire’s in comparison. When you take a gander at his face, you instantly feel soothed. Spitfire’s face isn’t bad, but with her demeanor always being displayed as either laidback or strict, it’s pretty hard to find amenity within her expressions.

But with that said, I do feel as if Spitfire has the more engaging persona. Like I said, attraction comes from personality, rather that just physicality. As I stated earlier, Spitfire’s character is more relaxed and easygoing. For someone who leads a team of acrobatics, I find it rather interesting that she isn’t constantly demanding or frustrated. It can be easy for someone in her position to attribute those traits, but she surprisingly doesn’t display it. But with that said, she still does present some harshness in her role at the academy. Even as someone who hates getting yelled at, I’m still intrigued by how much she pushes her trainees and tries to bring out the best in them. While she’s no Terrence Fletcher, I’d be fascinated with what kind of ways she trains her students next.

While Soarin is friendly, I do find his enthusiastic demeanor to be somewhat awkward and quite silly at times, especially during “The Best Night Ever”. The way he orders his pie, and screams in terror as it falls, while funny, is still a bit cumbersome. Plus the way he eats it…yuck. I wouldn’t date him anytime soon. Apologies to Soarin, but what Spitfire lacks in looks she makes up for with attitude, and that’s enough for her to win the first round.

Point goes to SpitDash. 

SoarinDash: 0

SpitDash: 1

Round 2: Compatibility

Next up, we have the round of compatibility. This is the portion of the battle where we look at similar interests, talents, beliefs, goals, etc. Now I’m not going to lie: this will probably be the hardest round out of all five, seeing how Soarin and Spitfire both display charm and friendliness, but still hold up discipline and strictness during times when it’s necessary, much like Rainbow Dash. But the battle must go on, and so it should be determined which Pegasus pony is more compatible with Rainbow Dash.

Well, when you think about it, Soarin is more relaxed than he is strict, and Spitfire is stricter than she is relaxed. So I think the best way to answer this question is to ask another one: is Rainbow Dash more strict or relaxed? Well, to be honest, she has displayed a well-balanced mixture of both. In the first season, we kind of saw more of her upbeat side. She’s unwinding on clouds, playing pranks on ponies, and flying for fun. She was more of a goofball when the show started off. I guess as the seasons progressed, she showed a bit more discipline and seriousness. Not that her silly side stopped completely, but her determination began showing itself in a more strict light. In conclusion, you can say that she shows a balance of both, no more no less.

Honestly, I feel like that’s something both Wonderbolts have presented. But as hard as it is, I’m going to have to go with Soarin. Just by a hair, he fits Rainbow Dash’s persona, with his eccentric attitude, and his ability to maintain earnestness. While it doesn’t seem very attractive, it does correspond with Rainbow Dash’s characteristics.

Spitfire can display a level of fortitude and easiness as well, but I feel she’s a bit too relaxed. Sure, she’s laid-back, but in a more low key manner. When Rainbow Dash is off her responsibilities, she’s still chill, but usually in a more playful and energetic kind of way. And I think that’s the best way to look at Rainbow Dash’s character. Whether she’s confident, competitive, or even goofy, she’s predominantly full of energy. In terms of chillness, Spitfire is just 20% cooler.

Soarin is able to think more on Rainbow Dash’s level. I know I’m just repeating myself at this point, but he’s full of energy, and keeps a strict demeanor when it’s needed. And I think that’s enough to earn a point.

Point goes to SoarinDash.

SoarinDash: 1

SpitDash: 1

Round 3: Communication

Now we’ve come to the round of communication. This is the element that involves one-on-one conversations, talking and listening, understanding each other’s problems, offering advice and insight, etc. So that raises the question: who would communicate with Rainbow Dash better?

Sorry Spitfire, but Soarin leaves you in the dust in this round. He has proven himself to be more capable of conversing with Rainbow Dash by a long shot. With his excited state, he displays a lot more friendliness towards other. I mean if I had a problem, and I had to choose between the two Wonderbolts, I’d definitely go with Soarin. He seems more open to conversation and willing to offer feedback. Also, the way in which he talks with Rainbow Dash in “Rainbow Falls” is clear-cut evidence of how well he can express himself towards her, and offer feedback of his own. Speaking of that scene, I can’t tell if that was fan service for SoarinDash shippers, but I’m more than open to believing it.

Again, this is where Spitfire’s calmness leaves her stumped. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a really nice pony (excluding Rainbow Falls) and I’d love to talk with her. But like I said: imagine if you were in some sort of quarrel and tried to speak with Spitfire about it. Isn’t it hard to figure out what somepony who is either very breezy or very demanding would help? Does she give you the impression of somepony who would give beneficial input and ideas? Exactly. It’s not that I don’t think she’s friendly enough to converse with Rainbow Dash and offer insight. It’s just that her likeliness to do it is pretty minimal when you compare it to Soarin’s.

Kind of an easy one, but the pie-loving stallion wins this one. His impression is more open, more curious, and more sympathetic. 

Point goes to SoarinDash.

SoarinDash: 2

SpitDash: 1

Round 4: Compromise

Now it’s time to discuss compromise. In a relationship, you’ll clearly not always get what you want. You’ll have to negotiate and come up with the best solution to any quarrel you and your partner will most definitely end up in sooner or later. So which pony is more likely to agree with Rainbow Dash?

Well, really, if there’s anything both Spitfire and Soarin would have to negotiate around, it would be practicing with the Wonderbolts, and spending time with Rainbow Dash. So this is where I’d like to use my imagination and think of a fun scenario. Imagine if Rainbow Dash started dating wither of them, and they begin hanging out. However, the time they need to rehearse with the team keeps cutting into the time to spend with Rainbow Dash. So they keep switching back and forth, trying to fit each into their schedule. Finally, it comes to a point where one needs to come over the other. This is where they’re challenged to choose between being with the Wonderbolts and being with Rainbow Dash. Which one would be likely to choose their girlfriend? Who would decide that love is more important than the team?

To be honest, I have all the doubts in my mind that it wouldn’t be Spitfire. She’s the captain of the team. She’s the strong leader that they look up to. She’s the one that guides the athletes and influences the next generation of flyers. Do you think she would give all that up just to spend time with a girl? I think not. Soarin is at a lower ranking. If he chooses to leave, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt the team as much as it looks like. They’re more capable of getting another great flyer than getting another great leader. As much he loves flying with the Wonderbolts, I feel as if he would choose Rainbow Dash over them a lot more easily. Heck, he even implied in “Rainbow Falls” that his bond with his teammates isn’t that strong (even though that makes no sense, but I digress). I’m sure he would rather bond with somepony he’s had some strong relationship with than dozens of other ponies he’s had weak relationships with.

Yeah, it may be a weird way to compare the two, but it’s the way that works for me, and the way that gives Soarin the upper hoof yet again.

Point goes to SoarinDash.

SoarinDash: 3

SpitDash: 1

Round 5: Commitment

Now we’ve reached the final point of the battle: commitment. This is the round that involves proving how devoted you are to the relationship. How willing you are to persevere through all the good and bad times, all the positivity and negativity, just to show your partner how much you care for them. For somepony that’s all about loyalty, this round matters. A lot. So that sets the ultimate question: who would be more commitment towards Rainbow Dash?

Now as I’ve stated before, when you love someone, you must open yourself up to the ability of learning more about yourself. When you begin a relationship with someone, anyone, you are learning more about yourself not just as a lover or a partner, but as an individual. You find your strengths, weaknesses, and proceed to work on them in the connection. That is, if you’re up for the challenge.

Now I have to say, this is where Spitfire beats Soarin. That’s mostly because she’s actually learned several lessons from Rainbow Dash. In “Wonderbolts Academy”, we saw how Spitfire learned from Rainbow Dash how while aiming to be the best isn’t wrong, you shouldn’t push yourself too far or else it comes at the expense of others. Then in “Rainbow Falls”, she realized from Rainbow Dash again that while it’s great to be the winning team, it’s how fair you treat your teammates that show how admirable you are (which as a captain, she should know that! But again, I digress). Learning two important ideas from the blue Pegasus, Spitfire should realize that she can gain a lot from her, seeing how it could build her skills as a leader, or even as a pony. 

With Soarin, I don’t know what he could gain from Rainbow Dash. But despite that, I feel like there is something to gain. Granted, he’s not a perfect stallion. He still has a lot to learn, and there are tons of ways he could build himself. Only problem is, I can’t seem to figure out what he could build. It’s weird that I have this problem, but I’m sticking to my claim. I have the gut feeling he could learn something from Rainbow Dash, I just don’t know what it is. 

This is where I guess you can give credit to Spitfire for at least making what she has to gain clear. Plus, it was interacting with Spitfire that helped Rainbow Dash learn those morals she had to teach to the yellow Pegasus. Who knows what else these two have to acquire to make better ponies out of themselves. The possibilities are innumerable.

So this is where I give a point to SpitDash. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to beat SoarinDash, which means SoarinDash is the winner of this week’s Shipping Battles!

SoarinDash: 3 

SpitDash: 2

I still find it interesting how two ponies from the same team of some sort were competing against each other for this. But in the end, it was a good battle and the winner came out on top fair and square. Now keep in mind that this is all opinion based and that you can prefer any pairing you want. I don’t want you to see this as SoarinDash winning the gold medal for better shipping. I want you to see it as it winning my gold medal. So be sure to keep shipping all you want. 

Because SoarinDash may have won the battle, but it is still fighting the war!!!

Thank you all so much for reading. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms of any kind, just be sure to leave them down below. Thank you all and I bid farewell for now!