It's good to be back.

Greetings, fellow Wikians! Now that Season 5 has returned, it's time to get back to making those "Let's Compare" blogs again. This time, we'll be comparing these episodes.

Rarity being overwhelmed with pressure S1E14
Season 1
Suited For Success
Meeting Cherry Jubilee S02E14
Season 2
The Last Roundup
Fluttershy and Ponytones big finish S4E14
Season 4
Filli Vanilli
Main 5 and Spike waving goodbye to Rarity S5E14
Season 5
Canterlot Boutique

No Season 3 this time.

All you need to do is to rank the episodes above from your favorite to least favorite. It's also appreciated if you give your thoughts on these episodes too.

Here's my ranking.

  1. Filli Vanilli: This episode, in addition to showing a great conflict involving Fluttershy's stage fright, does a good job at showing just how much Fluttershy loves to sing. Seeing just how much joy she has singing behind the scenes is such a joy to watch. Pair that up with an infectiously joyous musical number and you got yourself a very enjoyable ride. Also, I loved Fluttershy's line "Baby steps, everypony. Baby steps." It tells us that changing yourself can't be done in just a day and can take time, which I say is quite realistic.
  2. Suited For Success: This episode shows us a great conflict between an artist's vision and what the customers want, which is framed as a great conflict involving Rarity's generosity and showing how that can be at a disadvantage to her. Plus, we get a great musical number which does a lot for the story being told here. Overall, this is definitely one of the first season's best episodes.
  3. The Last Roundup: This is a highly entertaining episode with some great comedic moments from Pinkie Pie and a thrilling chase scene climax. It also gives us some nice insight into Applejack's character showing her feared disappointing her friends and family due to her failure resulted from her primary vice: pride. This is definitely one of Applejack's best outings.
  4. Canterlot Boutique: This episode does well in portraying the struggle Rarity goes through in exercising her artistic vision as she is challenged by her more commercially-minded manager Sassy Saddles, providing a good commentary on the conflict between artistry and commercialism. With a great musical number to help the story along, we got ourselves quite a good start for the second half of Season 5.

So, how would you rank these episodes? Comment below and tell me what you think!