Greetings, fellow Wikians! Well, the season's over, guys. Man, was that a season. It was a season of maps, redemptions, callbacks, and status quo changes, all culminating to possibly the craziest season finale we've ever had.

With the season now over, I think it's time we finally compare all season finales that the show has brought us. That also means that this will be the last "Let's Compare" blog I have made, at least for this season. I may or may not continue this series of blogs when Season 6 comes. However, I will probably make another one for something else related to the My Little Pony brand that I have been holding off for two months.

With that said, let's get to the comparing, shall we? All you need to do is to rank these season finales above from your favorite to least favorite. It's also appreciated if you provide your thoughts on these episodes too.

Main Six determined to have the Best Night Ever S1E26
Season 1
The Best Night Ever
Written by: Amy Keating Rogers
Chrysalis on ruling the world S2E26
Season 2
A Canterlot Wedding
Written by: Meghan McCarthy
Alicorn Twilight reveal 2 S3E13
Season 3
Magical Mystery Cure
Written by: M.A. Larson
Twilight and Tirek face-to-face S4E26
Season 4
Twilight's Kingdom
Written by: Meghan McCarthy
Starlight looking at Princess Twilight S5E25
Season 5
The Cutie Re-Mark
Written by: Josh Haber

Anyway, here's my-

Pinkie Pie: (:c) You missed my episode...
Rallinale: Wait, what? What do you mean, Pinkie Pie? Aren't these all the season finales of the show so far?
Pinkie Pie: Well, technically yes. But have you forgotten about... this one?!
Pinkie Pie surrounded by darkness under a cone of light S01E25
Season 1, Episode 25
Party of One
Written by: Meghan McCarthy
Rallinale: Oh, right. That episode. Sorry about that, Pinkie.
Pinkie Pie: (:D) No problem!

Yes, I decided that, since I don't want to left any episodes out of these blogs, I include Party of One as part of the comparison involving season finales. I mean, I could make a blog for all the twenty-fifth episodes of the show but that would mean comparing the episode with the part-ones of two-part stories. Instead, I decided to do it like this. If the fact that Party of One is not a season finale means you're going to excluse it out of your ranking lists, then that's fine by me.

Alright. Now with that all out of the way, here's my ranking list. This time, however, it's a bit different. I will be expanding more on my thoughts on these episodes more than I usually do. I gotta make it special for these season finales.


1. Twilight's Kingdom

Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance on the balcony S4E25

This is, by far, the greatest of the show's two-parters.

This is the part of the show where I feel the stakes are at its highest, and a big part of why that is the case is Tirek. While he may not be all that deep in terms of characterization, I feel that his personality more than makes up for that. His intelligence and desire for power were particularly striking features in his characterization, not to mention the level of threat he poses towards the entirety of Equestria. I mean, he almost won by acquiring nearly all of the magic in Equestria. You can't get any more threatening than that.

Tirek also serves to drive Discord's character development here. Discord's character arc in this story was very well-executed. He is showcased as a vulnerable character as he is persuaded by Tirek's manipulative words about how his friendship with the ponies prevent him from exercising his so-called true nature and accepts his offer for "freedom" only to be betrayed once he is of no use to him. This is definitely Discord's best portrayal as a character to date, and I applaud the writers for it.

Of course, this two-parter doesn't actually center around Discord, so let's talk about real focus character here: Twilight Sparkle. So apparently, Twilight's princesshood not mattering all that much throughout Season 4 was intended. Whether or not that was part of the writers' intention, I can still sympathize with Twilight's feeling of inadequacy concerning her princesshood, and it's quite nice to see each of the other three princesses give their own brand of encouragement to Twilight.

Now, the one thing I loved the most about this two-parter was that it's a fantastic conclusion to a season-long arc where the Mane Six faces challenges to their elements that they eventually overcome. Out of all the villain defeats, Tirek's felt the most satisfying because it felt like there was a lot more effort put into his defeat than any other villain, though indirectly. Each of the Mane Six's successes in overcoming the challenges in their respective episodes leads them to the acquisition of the Rainbow Power. This story arc does a good job of demonstrating a wonderful message in which no matter what obstacles you face, you can overcome those obstacles with the virtues of friendship.

Overall, this is definitely my favorite of all of the show's two-parters. It is a very satisfying way to end what I consider to be the best season of the show.

2. Magical Mystery Cure

Main 6 singing "to see the light" S03E13

This is truly a magical episode. It is the culmination of a long story arc involving Twilight's journey of learning the magic of friendship, and boy, was it an entertaining one. The first half serves as a great summation of the show's central message of friendship wonderfully communicated through its musical numbers, while the second half serves as a fitting resolution to Twilight's journey reminding us of just how much Twilight has learned throughout the first three seasons. Combine these together and you got yourself a great season finale.

3. Party of One

Crazy Pinkie S01E25

This episode was quite a crazy one. It does a good job of delving into Pinkie Pie's psyche as she descends into full madness in a way that is both disturbing and hilarious in equal measure. That descent into madness is also pretty character-revealing as it shows just how much she cherishes her friendship with the friends she love so much and doesn't want to feel friendless.

The episode's greatest strength lies in its comedy. Pinkie's mental breakdown was very hilarious to watch, and even ignoring that, there's still plenty of comedic moments here and there like Pinkie chasing Rainbow, Spike's confessions, and Pinkie talking with Applejack.

Overall, it's definitely my favorite episode of Season 1. It's a nice but crazy departure from the show's usual tone yet still stays true to the slice-of-life nature of the show, which I have to applaud Meghan McCarthy for.

4. The Cutie Re-Mark

Mane Six and ponies final crowd shot S5E26

This has got to be the craziest season finale yet.

It's great to see the alternate timelines that would have occurred had that Sonic Rainboom never happened. We get to see the return of old villains and see what would have happened had their reigns of terror continued without the interference of the magic of friendship. More than that, seeing just how bad these futures turn out show just how integral friendship is to Equestria, showing how one friendship, especially one as strong as the Mane Six's, can matter a lot.

More than that though, another interesting thing about this two-parter is that it establishes Twilight's role as a teacher for Starlight Glimmer in learning about friendship. I feel like that really showed just how far she has come as a character that she became to Starlight what Celestia was to Twilight back in the first three seasons.

Speaking of Starlight Glimmer, she continues her "love to hate" characterization she exhibits from the last time she made a big appearance, and it's definitely entertaining.

Now, about Starlight's backstory and redemption... I don't mind them all that much. In fact, I do really like Starlight's backstory. Others may see her motivations as rather petty, but I see that as adding quite a lot of depth to Starlight as a character. It implies a lot about her relationship with Sunburst by showing just how much she lets his cutie mark acquisition overwhelm her emotions to the point of not wanting to befriend anybody and developing her own backwards philosophy about cutie marks instead of being rational about the whole thing and move on.

As for her redemption, I feel like it's justified enough given the events that transpired near the end of the two-parter. I feel that showing Starlight the effects of her actions whether she denies it or not in addition to being given context surrounding her motivations does make it easier for Twilight to help Starlight and show her the way. Also, a new paradigm? This should be interesting to see in Season 6.

Overall, this was quite a fantastic two-parter.

5. A Canterlot Wedding

Wedding dance S2E26

Who knew a royal wedding could be this epic?!

This episode was a wonderful ride all the way. The first part concerns itself mostly on Twilight and her relationships with her brother, Shining Armor, and her old babysitter, Princess Cadance. While I do agree with many others that their introductions were out of nowhere, I do feel that they did a good job developing Twilight's relationships with these characters. Also, it was pretty brutal to see her brother, her friends, and even Princess Celestia abandon Twilight like that. That was a very effective scene, which is quickly followed up by an unexpected cliffhanger.

This leads us to the sheer craziness that is Part 2. So, what do we got here? The greatest musical number of the show? Check. An entertaining villain? Check. An entertaining fight scene? Check. A spectacular villain defeat? Check. The second part turned what could've been a royal wedding into one of the most exciting events in the show we've ever witnessed. It had a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment value...

...and yet I placed it second last on this list. I still love it, though. Just... not as much as some of the other finales.

6. The Best Night Ever

Main cast and Celestia laughing S1E26

While this ranks as the lowest on the list, I still really like it.

Serving as a conclusion to the three-episode Grand Galloping Gala arc, it shows how high expectations can breed disappointment. We see that effect in full display as the Mane Six feels disappointment over what they think would be the best night ever turned out to be the worst night ever. But most of all, this episode is just entertaining to watch. Watching all the Mane Six's effort to turn their night around was quite enjoyable. It's especially enjoyable to see Fluttershy breaks down as much as she did.

One thing that sets this episode apart from every other season finales was just how simple it is. While other finales revel in high-stake conflicts, this episode revels in its simple slice-of-life nature in which the Mane Six's biggest enemy is disappointment. While some may see that as a bit of a letdown, I don't mind it. It's certainly made for a fittingly simple finale for a relatively simple season, and while not as good as the other season finales, it's still quite an enjoyable watch. ________________________________________________________________________________________

So, how would you rank these episodes? Comment below and tell me what you think! For those who want to look up my previous "Let's Compare" blogs, you can use the table below.