Greetings, fellow Wikians! Fences have been amended, so it's time that we compare all the twelfth episodes of ther show, shall we? Here are the episodes.

Apple Bloom's blank flank is revealed S1E12
Season 1
Call of the Cutie
Granny Smith Apple Bloom hug S2E12
Season 2
Family Appreciation Day
Peachbottom shakes hooves with Twilight S03E12
Season 3
Games Ponies Play
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich looking at each other angrily S4E12
Season 4
Pinkie Pride
Twilight, Spike, and old friends gather around Moon Dancer S5E12
Season 5
Amending Fences

All you need to do is to rank the episodes above from your favorite to least favorite. It's also appreciated if you give your thoughts on these episodes too.

Here's my ranking.

  1. Pinkie Pride: This is a great musical episode that hits all the right notes when it comes to character development and sheer entertainment value. I love Pinkie and the conflict surrounding her feeling of inadequacy in the face of a new party planner, which really does a great job at highlighting her passion for party-planning. Cheese Sandwich is a great addition to the show, especially considering who voiced him.
  2. Amending Fences: You've done it again, Larson. This episode uses continuity to incredible effect, bringing back background characters and a mentioned one from the first episode for a conflict surrounding Twilight's old attitude towards friendship and how it affected Moon Dancer to make one of the show's most heartwarming episodes. It truly is a great episode and my favorite of Season 5 so far.
  3. Family Appreciation Day: This is quite an underrated gem. This episode does a good job at developing the relationship between Granny Smith and Apple Bloom in addition to presenting a relatable conflict. Best of all, it features a ton of great world-building with the introduction of zap apples and the founding of Ponyville.
  4. Call of the Cutie: This episode presents a conflict involving peer pressure that a lot of children can relate to, and I thought the episode handles it pretty realistically. Aside from that, we also got plenty of enjoyable moments from the Cupcake Song to the montage of Apple Bloom attempting to get her cutie mark. Overall, this episode is a good one.
  5. Games Ponies Play: This episode was pretty enjoyable in some parts with some nice character moments from Twilight and Rainbow Dash in addition to an introduction of a pretty enjoyable character. However, it was bogged down by a few issues, such as the idiot ball that the Mane 6 was holding (why didn't they try to ask her name first before taking her on the tour) and that convoluted ending. Ultimately, I would say this episode's pretty average overall.

So, how would you rank these episodes? Comment below and tell me what you think!