"...I do plan on making one for all the Equestria Girls movies after Friendship Games airs on September 26."
"I'll make the "Let's Compare" blog for the Equestria Girls movies some time in the near future..."
"...I will probably make another ["Let's Compare" blog] for something else related to the My Little Pony brand that I have been holding off for two months.
— Me

The first quote is from July 12, 2015. The second quote is from September 27, 2015. The third is from November 29, 2015.

Today is October 2, 2016. Shoot.

Greetings, fellow Wikians! Welcome to a special edition of the "Let's Compare" blog series! This time, we will not be looking at episodes from the show. Instead, we'll be taking a look at all the Equestria Girls films that have been released so far.

I apologize for not making this blog after Friendship Games aired like I said. The reason why I didn't make it was because I was planning on writing out more-than-usual detailed thoughts on these movies on that blog, but I just can't muster up enough energy to do it. I procrastinated and waited so long on making that blog that I decided to instead wait until after the release of Legend of Everfree to do that.

Now, you might ask: "Wait, why would you waste your time wanting to write more detailed opinions on these movies instead of, you know, just make the blog for us without writing your opinions?" Well, back when I was doing these blogs last year, I felt like I was obligated to write some shortly-written opinions on what I think of the episodes. That's why, back then, you can see my ranking lists and opinions on pretty much every single blog. Now that I post my ranking lists in the comments any time I want, making the "Let's Compare" blogs for Season 6 have been easier for me, so I'm going to approach this blog in pretty much the same way I have with the Season 6 blogs. I admit that these aren't really good reasons for why I decided not to make it until today, but those are the reasons. Again, I apologize.

Anyway, let's move on to more important stuff: the Equestria Girls movies.

Here are the movies:

Equestria Girls starry logo EG opening 1 My Little Pony Equestria Girls logo teaser site 3 2nd Friendship Games logo EG3
Rainbow Rocks final logo opening credits EG2 2 4 Legend of Everfree trailer logo EG4

All you have to do is rank these films in order from your favorite to your least favorite. If you want, you can also write up your thoughts on these episodes too.

And now, here are some polls.

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate Legend of Everfree?

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What's your favorite song from Legend of Everfree?

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How would you rank these films? Comment below and tell me what you think! Also, check out today's other "Let's Compare" blog for the 22nd episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic here.