Greetings, fellow Wikians! Welcome to the final round of the MLP Song War Game or simply known as MLP: SWG!

Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, Creeperfan is unable to host this round. Instead, he decided to give the responsibility of hosting this one final round to me. He will be checking back at you in the afternoon.

Now that we are in Round 19c, we now have to get rid of one more song for the other to be declared the winner of the MLP Song War Game! In order for that to happen, the song needs to get at most 500 saves for it to be declared the winner. If it doesn't reach that number by the next 24 hours, then the winner will be decided by the amount of saves it gets compared to the other song. You need to wait for 10 minutes and for 4 people to save.

So, will Rainbow Dash and her pet Tank win the prize or will Sunset Shimmer take them down like a phoenix? You decide between these two songs (or you can save both if you want to):

Good luck and have fun!

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