As the title suggests, this blog will be about how would you make a certain episode better. This will basically be an antithesis of another blog from The Fennec Fox.

Just like how that game is played, you basically suggest what would make an episode brought up by a previous commenter better in your eyes, while also bringing up a different episode for another person to suggest improvements for that episode and so on and so on.

As an example:

User 1: [insert improvement suggestions here]. Pinkie Pride.
User 2: [insert improvement suggestions here]. Hurricane Fluttershy.

It's worth informing that you can bring up any episode you want, good or bad, and just because you thought an episode that was brought up was good, even one of the best episodes of all time, does not mean you can't suggest ways to improve them. Any episode, as good as it is, is not perfect and can be done better. (though if you're unable to make suggestions to improve an episode that was brought up because it's just so good in your eyes that nothing can be improved, then I won't force you to do it).

Got all that? Okay. Let's start this game with...

Friendship is Magic, parts 1 & 2 (the pilot).