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    If you've seen the episode Somepony to Watch Over Me, then you may read ahead. If not, move out now! (unless you like to see spoilers)

    In the beginning Apple Bloom was granted permissionto stay home alone. It was pretty hard for her, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and especially Appljack to accept the new decision. I know how that feels. I'm the youngest in my family, and I have a middle sister and an older brother. (We're pretty much the really similar to the Apple siblings) Well, there were places I couldn't go, so my parents got a babysitter to stay with me, and sometimes my older siblings (once they were old enough). One day, I was really fed up of being treated like a valuable jewel waiting for a thief to snatch it. I wanted to show my family …

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    Family Core

    January 31, 2014 by GoldenLatias6

    Has everypony heard the song "Apples to the Core"? When I heard that song, it made me feel happy, but it reminded me of my family core.

    I'm actually the youngest in my family, and I have a brother and a sister. It reminded me of all the fun times my family had back when were kids. Playing basketball together with just a hoop and a basketball, swimming in the pool while avoiding getting tossed by Dad, travelling to Chicago and having fun, visiting some old neighbors in Germany, and so much more.

    Now my family has changed. My mom and dad have divorced, my sister's all the way on the other side of the country at college, my brother's already graduated and is starting to settle down, and me, I'm just got into technology now.

    Whenever I hear the A…

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    One insane pony!

    December 21, 2013 by GoldenLatias6

    That Mane-iac is really, totally, and completely insane!

    Apparantly, her name gives her the title of "Hair Villain" (or "Mane Villain" in her case). Everything about her is hair! Walking on her hair, having rogue cosmetologist as henchmen ("henchcolts" in her case), and evil weapons like a big container of hairspray and a hairdryer. Also, her secret lair is her old shampoo factory.

    I've seen lots of different kinds of villains

    • Bird (He can't fly though)
    • Electric (Okay, everyone has seen one of those)
    • Chameleon (Shapeshifter; her name was even a play-on of it)
    • Math and Physics (some of my old student peers liked his kind)
    • Shapes (He steals shapes from things to make things fall apart)
    • Cockroach (He was a cockroach in a robot costume of a man)
    • Skunk …
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