That Mane-iac is really, totally, and completely insane!

Apparantly, her name gives her the title of "Hair Villain" (or "Mane Villain" in her case). Everything about her is hair! Walking on her hair, having rogue cosmetologist as henchmen ("henchcolts" in her case), and evil weapons like a big container of hairspray and a hairdryer. Also, her secret lair is her old shampoo factory.

I've seen lots of different kinds of villains

  • Bird (He can't fly though)
  • Electric (Okay, everyone has seen one of those)
  • Chameleon (Shapeshifter; her name was even a play-on of it)
  • Math and Physics (some of my old student peers liked his kind)
  • Shapes (He steals shapes from things to make things fall apart)
  • Cockroach (He was a cockroach in a robot costume of a man)
  • Skunk (He was really an actor for a superhero series and believed it was all real)
  • Feminist (She was so feminist that she only stole Susan B. Anthony coins)
  • Even Trouble-Makers (a group that's just causes trouble in a place called "Umi-City", but is always stopped by Team Umizoomi)

But, I never seen a villain like her before. (except an evil hairball, but he onle gave people bad hair days and he became good when he learned about the hair salon and got himself a new do)

Not only that, I've never scene any villains as insane as her. I can't find any villains I've seen or heard about that is insane as her. So if there was an award for "Most Insane Villain (or Pony) of All Time," she'd win it.

Come to think of it, I don't know many villains because I don't watch or read anything on Marvel. I only saw Kim Possible, The Powerpuff Girls, and Team Umizoomi.