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  • GoldenLine

    The worst episodes?

    December 31, 2017 by GoldenLine

    No, the title is not a question. I'm not asking for people to post what they thought was the worst episode. I just thought I'd break the monotony of last-day-of-the-year voting blogs with an interesting reaction I had to the show starting two years ago, when the episodes started finding ways to outdo each other in how bad they could be.

    For a while, there were only about nine episodes I didn't like; that was about three per season (excluding the third), and while I have seen some people say they like every episode, I was actually surprised that the "worst" episode was just one where a character makes terrible decisions that work out in the end with no one actually finding out. Now obviously, a complete reversal of what happened to them would …

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  • GoldenLine

    Earlier today, I was trying to get on the Newbie Dash article. I was on The Perfect Pear, at the bottom with the episode table. I hovered the cursor over the "expand" button next to season five... then spent the next few seconds legitimately wondering what season it was from. Of course, I very quickly remembered, but really, these seasons are just that equal in mediocrity.

    Also today, I was trying to recall what the CMC have done so far this season. I remembered a cold open where they ride a giant stone slab down a hill, pass by Starry Eyes, and come to a stop in front of some colt named Chipcutter, before encouraging him to design something from it, and he gets his cutie mark.

    I'm not joking when I say that I did not remember which episode th…

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  • GoldenLine

    Whatever this is

    April 1, 2017 by GoldenLine

    You know, it says a lot when one does something that they have a disdain towards others doing.

    You guys know who Lily Peet is, right? Well, last month, some brat started giving her a hard time for mega-petty reasons, and tons of posts Lily made were screenshotted and passed around as "evidence" of Lily's "vileness". This is disgusting.

    A few days ago, I did the exact same thing to someone who insulted me. (on Boast Busters) The only person whose attention it drew was (thankfully) Fluffbrain.

    I could talk about how Fluffbrain's presence has changed my general attitude, but the point is, did I do EXACTLY what a bunch of vile jerks on the internet do?

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  • GoldenLine

    Two things

    September 12, 2016 by GoldenLine

    One thing I'm pretty sick of at this point is people acting as though "You sound like Quibble Pants" is supposed to be some sort of valid rebuttal to an argument. I've seen that twice her and countless times on FIMFiction. This is something that I really hope does not become a popular thing in this fandom.

    The other thing. It's been a year since that suckfest introducing Sassy Scapegoat aired. I still remember watching the livestream. I still vividly remember making countless edits that day and what I did the day before.

    Apparently, some people think 1.5 was too generous.

    I'm going to try my hand at reviewing. Expect my thoughts on the "episode" exactly one year from now.

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  • GoldenLine

    Has anyone here read Post Nuptials? It's good. I mean, really good. Almost as good as Letters From an Irritated Princess. What started as an emotion-heavy accusation fic turned into a continuity of its own. I think my favorite chapter was Fluttershy's, least favorite is Pinkie's, largely because it's the least relevant to the story and more to the sequel.

    The story and its sequels tie together a lot of events from the show, most notably when we find out why the stuff that "New Fluttershy" said got to Pinkie so badly.

    The story and its sequels have the usual complaints, why do so many people take Twilight's flame mode as an actual thing, why is this red unicorn villain coming in so late, why is a story about interpersonal relationships being m…

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